Water jetting rust removal Water jetting rust removal

Water jetting rust removal

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Water jetting rust removal use ultra high pressure water to remove various unwanted paints, coatings, rust, and impurities from surface. When blasting onto the workpiece, the pure and chloride free water leaves behind an ultra-clean, rust free surface.

Water jetting removes coatings, rust, and other tough adherents without the hazards of grit blasting. The resulting surface meets all recognized standards. Water jetting machine for surface preparation is also the only way to meet the SC-2 standard for removing soluble salts, which hamper adhesion and often lead to coating failure.

During grit blasting, these salts are often trapped in cavities within the metal. But water blaster with 40000 psi clean deeply enough to prevent these invisible “corrosion cells” from forming, and even restores the surface’s original profile.

Water jetting rust removal offers many more advantages

  • Reduced project time
  • Low operating cost
  • Get a clean, bonding surface
  • Uses minimal water
  • Hydro jetting invisible containment
  • Requires little training
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to move

Metal that is repeatedly exposed to a substance can begin to corrode over time. Some metals are more prone to corrosion than others and some metals can even begin to rust, both of which are usually identified by a change in appearance on the surface of a metal.

As metal is often used in industrial settings in the form of tanks, pipes, and other equipment, much of these tools are at risk of corrosion over time. At industry level, exposure to chemicals passing internally can lead to corrosion.

Dangers of corrosion and rust without water jetting rust removal

Rust can be extremely costly to a company if not dealt with. Over time, corrosion can weaken the efficiency of storage tanks, industrial pipes, and more.

In extreme cases, this can result in holes and other such failures, and the dangers of this can be severe depending on the substance being held in a tank or passed through a pipe. At the very least, this can be extremely costly as the equipment will need to be replaced.

Rust not only affects the appearance of metal, but it can affect the substances that then come into contact with the metal. In industrial terms, this has the potential to contaminate substances that come into contact with the corrosion or rust.

How to remove rust with high pressure water jetting

Corrosion and rust can be extremely hard to remove due to it being so tough and brittle. However, high pressure water jetting makes the task of rust removal incredibly easy and time efficient. Water is often underrated as a tool, if the idea of high pressure water jetting is new to you, you might be questioning just how effective water is without chemicals or solvents added to the method.

However, water jetting is becoming more and more popular as a choice for industrial cleaning. There is little that water cannot clean or remove, and we would argue that it is the best rust removing machine for metal and overall corrosion removal tactic.

When attempting to remove corrosion, the last thing you want to do is create more corrosion in the future, which is why shot blasting is not an efficient method for the process. Using high pressure water jetting, however, is an extremely efficient method for removing corrosion and rust .

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