Water jetting pipe cleaning Water jetting pipe cleaning

Water jetting pipe cleaning

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Water jetting pipe cleaning is the process of flushing amount of water through pipes with high pressure water to achieve cleaning. It works exactly the way with the special nozzle according to the diameter of the pipe and what material insider of the pipe need to clean.

The pressure depends on what material need to remove and the flow rate depend on the diameter of the pipe .  Mostly , we also suggest normal pressure like 100-350 bar with big flow rate like 100L-200l/min .  While if the pipe made by steel , we suggest the ultra high pressure like 800 bar .

Watex offers high pressure water jet tube and pipe blasting machine for evaporator tube cleaning and pipe from gas or oil industry. There are lots of the deposit . Till now there is no machine to instead of water blasting to clean the pipe . Watex supply different types of high pressure water jetting machine for pipe cleaning ranging from 300bar to 2800 bar.

Water jetting machine is a perfect method and reliable way to remove blockages from your pipes and care for your plumbing system. Many days late, your pipe system will accumulate lots of buildup that can cause many blockages. Such as slowing the efficiency of the flow rate.

High pressure water jetting machine is one of the primary ways to combat this. Many people will immediately try using drain snakes or chemicals. but these can damage your plumbing system and often leave behind many materials.

Water jetting machine not only can cleaning the pipe ,sometimes can be used for cutting

Keeping all types of pipes system smooth is is important and necessary then guarantee the pipe system can be used for more than 24 hours working. Material flow must be unhindered otherwise interruptions in production flow will occur.

Professional pipe cleaning is the prerequisite for effective inspections. Full of pressure tests and leak tests are used in preparation for repair work. High pressure water jetting machine can be used for washing.And cleaning pipes not only internal but external through rotative cleaning nozzles.

With different types of nozzles, deposits in pipes can be removed completely by water jetting,. In most cases, pipes are closed after installations and have few openings for access purposes. In that case, cleaning with high pressure water jetting is always easy and effective way on the spot without removing the pipes.

Even though some cases that are difficult to access. due to lots of constructions, very high locations or in very confined spaces. Comparing with mechanical tools such as hammers, brushes, there is no danger of damage during the cleaning. High pressure water jetting technology is a quick, simple and extremely cost effective process.

What are the advantages of water jetting machine for pipe and tube cleaning ?

There are many advantages of using hydro jetting machine over chemical cleaning. brush cleaning, water pipe cleaning and several other conventional methods.

  • Hydro jetting machine suitable to clean pipes and tubes of all material without harm
  • Water jetting Inhibits corrosion and extends tube life by removing corrosive deposits from inside of the tubes
  • Water jetting can clean any length and diameter of straight or U type tube heat exchangers
  • Hydro jetting maximizes operating efficiency by removing fine layer of silt and organic debris,
  • Water blasting can remove any foreign scale deposit.
  • Hydro blasting guarantee environmental safety without any chemical discharges or hazardous waste removal.
  • Multiple lancing systems for insider and outside cleaning which can match with many operators for fast cleaning
  • Water jetting is the cheap way with lower cost to achieve cleaning – restored original performance and extended re-fouling rates.

High pressure water jetting pipe process

Water jetting pipe is the process for cleaning and maintaining pipe, washing tube, sewer cleaning and drainage jetting as well .

Chemical pipe cleaning is required to remove deposits and obstructions, which are caused by the liquid material, like chemical material or oil industry. The chemical tube or pipe cleaning process can help prevent corrosion and blockage due to deposits, which can also create tube failure.

Water jetting pipe are widely used for many different industries

Water Jetting machine is widely used in various industries like sugar factories, pharma, metal sheet factories. It also be used for chemical, refineries and many other industries for different applications.

Water also supply high pressure water jetting equipment. like 2500 bar and 2800 bar machine specially for hard deposit blocked the heat exchanger tube cleaning.

A bundle of heat exchanger tube Cleaning Systems. Boiler tube cleaning machine in different industries in all over European countries like Norway , German ,Iceland and England. And some clients from South Africa ,like Chile and Ecuador .

What are the applications of water jetting machine ?

  • Every machine exist will value it’s price ,and there are lots of application for such hydro jetting machine .
  • Mostly ,there are two types of energy powered, electrical powered and diesel engine
  • Water jetting equipment can be used for heat exchanger tube Cleaning
  • Hydro jetting equipment can be used for evaporator Tube cleaning
  • Oil and gas pipe insider cleaning to remove the deposit of the oil and scale
  • Hydro blasting machine can be used for the big pipe cleaning for liquid material flow

Besides , purchasing such machine also need experienced engine to operate the machine and supply regularly maintenance . We will supply the training and understand well to know the difference between pressure versus flow.

And how to select the right nozzles for different cleaning job . We also teach you engineers how to handle the high pressure cleaning gun to deal with different kinds of debris in a pipe as well as different pipe materials. Being able to identify the difference between a concrete pipe and steel pipe system with different pressure and flow rate .

As you know heat exchanger tube cleaning and various pipe jetting is necessary for the transport of oil. Specially for the oil industry .

  • Straight Jet nozzle
  • Straight connector
  • Rotative Nozzle
  • Rotating Nozzles
  • Foot valve
  • High pressure cleaning gun
  • Flexible lancing
  • Twin lancing system or automating lancing system
  • Safety Suit

What are the main accessories for the water jetting pump ?

Water jetting machine comes with high pressure water pump, electric motor or diesel engine. High pressure flexible lance, high pressure hose, unloading Valve, pressure adjust valve, different nozzles, foot valve, pressure gauge and electric control panel. As you know for cleaning different pipes or tubes. need different types and size nozzles .We supply many varies nozzles according to you requirement .

Lots of places need pipe cleaning ,water jetting will be the best option

Piping industry and system exist in a wide range of industries. Including energy and petrochemical, marine and offshore, construction and infrastructure, municipality and wastewater, quarrying. In all of above cases, it is necessary to clean the blockage from the pipes. So it is crucial for maintaining efficient and safe operations.

After all, lost of production stopped due to the last thing , the producing pipe is blocked. So  one of the most urgent thing need to do is cleaning the pipe as soon as possible .

In order to reduce the chance of an operational shutdown effected by blocked pipes is to ensure regularly cleaning them. This will remove any debris or sediments that have collected within the pipes.

As the professional water jetting manufacture, we are proud to offer stable and qualified high pressure pipe cleaning equipment. Our machine includes high pressure triplex pumps. The water jetting tools range as well as we offer a selection of nozzle and automated hose systems that can operate around bends in pipes .

water jetting pipe

Why lots of customers come to us and choose us finally

We making the machine with high workmanship ,and will not sacrifice the quality to producing machines that not pass our internal inspection and international safety standard .

  • Our high quality water jetting pipe cleaning machine that is easy to use and easy to maintain.
  • Our hydro jetting machine come with specialized nozzles to assist with the most challenging jobs.
  • We have a wide range of accessories available to suit your cleaning requirement .
  • We have different automating system for technical projects
  • There are many method for pipe washing , but high pressure water jetting will be the best way
  • We utilize different types of jetting nozzles. These high pressure water jetting system with high pressure wash your plumbing and drainage system from the inside out.
  • We have different nozzles for different types specifically made to remove all kinds of dirt. debris and sludge hiding in the pipe system

Lots of person know the advantage of water blasting. And some of them maybe think water blasting is different with water jetting. To some extent. water blasting are widely used for hard material cleaning and mostly used for surface preparation like de-coating and removing the rust and paint .

While water jetting is mostly used for pipe cleaning. Water jetting also called hydro jetting can solve tough product removal and surface cleaning by combing the high pressure pump with the sewer nozzle technologies.

High pressure water jetting system sometimes can be used for the sewer and drainage cleaning

Different types of hoses can be used for different pipe system. If you prepare to purchase such hose for sewer cleaning. We should consider the diameter of the sewer and what material insider of the sewer as well. Most important ,we should know is there any tree root insider . Then choose the right machine with the right cleaning head.

For sewer jetting , the cleaning nozzle will completely different with the tube cleaning . Sometimes , sewer nozzles have many holes nozzles,  mostly five or seven orifices .

For some internal surface cleaning. we should use rotative cleaning head for the wall cleaning to get smooth surface. For the steel pipe ,we also should consider the rust removal as well . Considering the pipe diameter increases. More flow is required to provide adequate flushing and nozzle centralized with extension arms to keep the nozzle close to the pipe wall for maximum impact.

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