Water Jet cleaning machine Water Jet cleaning machine

Water Jet cleaning machine

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Water jet cleaning machine uses high pressure water take over 10,000 psi to remove paint, rust, road marking ,pipe jetting. And other types of stubborn dirt on the surfaces of tanks, buildings, vehicles, streets, bridges, pipes and many more items.

Water jet cleaner adopts high pressure reciprocating plunger pump that uses high pressure water jet to remove dirt from surfaces. And objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces .

Ultra high pressure(UHP) water jet cleaning solution forces water out of a water blasting gun at high velocities. Pumps in the jetting system obtain water from a reservoir and place it under pressure in specially designed hoses. That go from the reservoir to the exit orifice of the gun. A trigger mechanism on the water jet cleaning gun opens and closes a valve. When the valve is open the pressurized water is released and projected at the material’s surface.

Waterjet cleaning machine as the best way for stripping and jetting

Water jet cleaning machine, or waterjet cleaning solution, is a widely used process for the removal of material, coating, or contamination from the surface of a work piece. Special nozzle is used to break up the water stream into small droplets, which impact the surface of the coating.

Depending on the task at hand and the location, it can be cleaned manually or automatically. Automated high pressure water jetting process is the standard method of operation. Because it is superior on so many different level.

It is highly efficient and safe since the equipment is suitable for the most part, be controlled remotely. In order to attain perfect results, we can also use special water jet blasting equipment we have developed ourselves.

The manually operated high pressure water jet cleaning is used in situations. Where the use of the automated process is not feasible or not economical. In order to utilize the power of water, tools are required that are designed accordingly and tailored optimally to the respective task.

Environmental washing with water jet cleaning machine

Water jet cleaning machine should be noted that care must be taken to adjust the pressure according to the material being cleaned. The water pressure that is required for cleaning steel pipes will be much different from the pressure for surface jetting.

Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning is most often used to clean substrates prior to coating . Because without surface preparation, coatings can often fail prematurely.

UHP water jet blasting holds several advantages over other types of cleaning processes. Water jet cleaner does not use hazardous chemicals . And abrasive media blasting can cause residual solids to accumulate, creating an disorderly work environment.

Despite these advantages, the recovery system for the water is important because some surface debris can be hazardous to the environment . And may need to be contained and disposed of in accordance with environmental laws. So we suggest consider uses the recycles system if necessary .

Water jet cleaning solution for varies industries including gas and oil , ship hull ,metal processing, mining …

Watex water jet cleaning machine provide the high pressure water. We additionally offer a comprehensive selection of water jet tools. Cleaning media using ultra high pressure water as the media. It is environmental for industrial cleaning and a core competency of the UHP technology .

Even ingrained dirt can be reliably removed with the efficient cleaning method. For example, deposits in containers and on equipment or incrustations in pipelines.

You benefit from an all round package of high pressure technology. It is based on the knowledge and experience gained from both different industries and perfectly synchronized.

Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning equipment can be used to remove debris on a variety of surfaces. Polymers, wood, concrete, steel pipes, copper statues and aluminum extrusions can all be cleaned by ultra high pressure waterjet cleaning.

Waterjet cleaning solution is an effective equipment for rust and paint removal. Water jet cleaning has a water storage tank and hose attachments that will blast water on the surface of the rust or the old paint approximately up to 40000 PSI.

Sand blasting paint removal versus water jet cleaning rust removal from ships

With the sand blasting process, an abrasive is added to the high-pressure water, in order to enable efficient paint and rust removal from metallic surfaces.

Dust contamination concerns mean that pure sand blasting is prohibited in many countries. Or permissible only under strict conditions with high pressure washing machine. Vice versa in comparison with pure water jets, a significantly lower pressure is required for a comparable result.

A professional contractor will use specialty rotating jetting nozzles which will vary depending on the type of the paint and rust. Rotate nozzles can redirect the spray of the high-pressure water to remove the rust and paint easy . 

Watex offers a water jet cleaning machine for all applications. High pressure pumps can be combined with matching accessories and coordinated to the paint-removal substrate. By the use of high-pressure guns, surface cleaners and additional abrasives.

Layer removal and paint removal from painted metal roofs with high pressure washing machine

Painted metal roofs are exposed to diverse influences from the weather: Extending from high temperature cycling and build-ups of heat. Through the influence of ultraviolet radiation and dirt, to mechanical influences such as hailstorms.

All these influences lead to the weathering of the paint coating over time leading to it becoming fragile and porous. So that the new coating adheres securely, the old paint must be removed completely.

Only then do the paint manufacturers guarantee the stability of their products for up to 20 years.
For years it has implemented coating removal with no residue. Formerly this was implemented with hard work using angle grinders, and was associated with enormous noise and dust contamination.

High pressure water jet cleaning machine for painting cubicles cleaning in the automotive industry

In painting cubicles , the automotive industry, so-called over-spray arises during the painting process. Overspray is made up of the paint which does not adhere to the workpiece and leaks out into the environment as a spray. Our plunger pumps and complete high pressure water jet cleaning system is used, with which the paint residues are removed reliably.

The air contaminated with these paint droplets is routed via ventilation systems to cleaning units, such as water spray separators. These exhaust air systems frequently have a large surface area and are covered with grates set in the ground of the painting cubicles.

A large percentage of this over-spray collects on these grates. And in the ducts leading from them. These system have to be cleaned frequently and, in case of extensive use, even daily. Furthermore, our high pressure jetting gun offer an ergonomic structuring which enables safe and fatigue-free work.

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