What is the water jet blasting machine? What is the water jet blasting machine?

What is the water jet blasting machine?

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Water jet blasting machine is used to direct high pressure streams of water against a surface to clean . The steams of water released by water jetting and water blasting equipment can exceed 40,000 psi.

Water jet blasting equipment is a widespread water discharge operation with hydroblasting. A high pressure stream of water (2000 bar or more) is used to remove old Paint . Rust, rubber, chemicals or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it.

What is the water jet blasting machine?

How does a water jet blasting machine work?

Water blast uses a narrow, high-pressure jet of hot or cold water to blast dirt free. Because the water is traveling fast . it hits the dirty surface with high strong energy. Knocking dirt and dust away like a constant rain of tiny hammer blows. It’s only water, though, so it doesn’t damage most hard surfaces.

Water jet blasting machine, or water blast cleaning, is a widely used process for the removal of material, coating . contamination from the surface of a work piece. A special nozzle is used to break up the water stream into small droplets, which impact the surface of the coating.

What is the water jet blasting equipment used for?

The use of high pressure water blasting machine has increased in a wide variety of industrial applications . Including abrasive water jet cutting, concrete demolition, pipe cleaning, surface prep and cleaning, tank/vessel cleaning and tube cleaning.

Water jet blasting machine , is simply the practice of using highly pressurized water to remove a coating or contaminant from a substrate.

What is the minimum pressure for ultra high pressure water blasting ?

UHP water jetting systems consist of a high-pressure pump, hoses, and various accessoris. The hydraulic hoses used must have a bursting strength 2.5 times the maximum-rated operating capacity. Therefore, a 2780 bar (40,000 psi) unit requires hoses with a minimum bursting strength of 4,250 bar (62,500 psi).

Water jet blasting machine can use the high pressure to remove the concrete from the pipe and paint from the ship hull and tank. the max pressure we always called 3000 bar ,but the continous working pressure will be 2500-2780 bar .

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