Water jet blasting equipment Water jet blasting equipment

Water jet blasting equipment

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Water jet blasting equipment uses high pressure water to remove rust. Old paint, rubber, chemicals, corrosion without damage to the surface below.

It provides a very effective method for cleaning large surfaces, heat transfer equipment, tank and vessel , drilling pipes ,sugar refinery.

Water jet blasting equipment uses water to achieve the cleaning. And more cost effective than other cleaning methods requiring sand or other aggregate.

Water jet cleaning machine is commonly used when describing water as the tool to do surface preparation.

The use of water is a technique for cleaning surfaces, which relies solely on the energy and force of water striking a surface to get its jetting effect. Abrasive is not used in water blasting systems, hence, the problems caused by dust pollution and by the disposal of spent abrasives are eliminated.

Water jet blasting equipment as the best way for internal and external cleaning

Water jet blast equipment is a technique for cleaning internal surface like pipe and external surfaces like paint. And rust which relies entirely on the sheer force of water from a pressurized source to achieve the desired cleaning effect on the intended surface. Abrasive and potentially harmful chemical are not used in water blast cleaning system.

Surface preparation is very vital when you want to do a paint or rust job on a surface. It has to be done properly because it affects the service life, quality of painting. For a surface to get the best results, it has to be free of grease, dirt, and dust. It also has to be prepared in a proper way to ensure that the job goes well. Industrial painters prefer water blasting.

A highly pressurized and focused stream of water, generally above 14,500 psi, comes from a water jet cleaning machine.Which includes a high pressure pump and the right nozzles. This cleaning method may also require enclosures to protect the adjacent areas or structures from unwanted water spray.

Water blast cleaning can effectively remove

Water jet blasting equipment can effectively remove a wide variety of hard dirt in difficult to reach points or locations in a safe and efficient manner. The results are comparable to those cleaning technique that use abrasive or chemical.But without the dust and other health hazards, which allows the workers to focus on their daily tasks in a health-friendly workplace environment.

High pressure water jetting – pressures from 800 bar  to 1500bar

Ultra high-pressure water blasting – pressures of more than 1,600 bar -3000 bar

Water under pressure is supplied to the nozzle and is ejected as a jet of water against the workpiece. When the water hits the contact surface. Any contaminants on the surface layer is blasted away due to the high cleaning energy.

This method is used for surface cleaning. In cases where harder surface coating is to be removed usually requires high pressure water jetting take over 40k psi pressure washer.

Lower pressure cleaning pipe drain with water jet blasting equipment

The other cleaning process is for cleaning at a lower pressure than 500bar. And pressure higher for drain and sewer cleaning also including underwater cleaning for ship or offshore pipe cleaning as well .

Watex is specialized in hydro jetting technics above or underwater :

  • Water blasting any coating with pure water
  • Rust removal with water jetting
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Underwater cleaning like :
  • Surface preparation before repairs the whole of the unit
  • Removal of contaminated concrete
  • Cleaning of any underwater structure

Surface condition after cleaning with water jet blasting equipment

Flash rust will occur with water jet blasting machine

When large areas after water blasting, flash rusting which diminish the original surface standard may occur. before painting can be carried out. The degree of flash rusting depends on many factors, such as humidity. temperature and the length of time the surface is exposed.

Degree of flash rusting after water jet blasting

Light  : rust will partially instead of the original steel surface. The discoloration may be evenly distributed, but it will not be heavy enough to mark an object brushed against the areas.

Medium  : a layer of light rust will cover the original steel surface. This layer may be evenly distributed , but it will be heavy enough to easily mark objects brushed against the areas.

Heavy : a heavy layer of dark rust will be completely covering the original surface. This layer will easily mark objects brushed against the areas. Mostly ,heavy rust will not occur .Due to the high temperature rise caused by the high pressure jetting .

High temperature caused by the water jet blasting equipment

The use of water jet blasting machine will cause the temperature of the metal surface to rise. The increase of temperature of the steel surface can be substantial, depending on the pressure of the equipment used and will help surface dry off faster, hence reducing the degree of flash rusting.

Removal of foreign elements as well

The use of hydro jetting has the advantage of removing oil and grease from the surface .This is a major advantage point of water jet cleaning machine for the oil industry and ship hull cleaning . The grey, brown to black discoloration of corroded and pitted steel after water blasting cannot be removed by further blasting. Studies shows that this thin film consists of mainly ferric oxide, which is an inert material. As it is tightly adherent, it will not present a serious contamination problem.

Surface profile with water jet blasting equipment

Water jet blasting equipment will not produce a surface profile . Weak steel might erode, resulting in metal loss, but the surface profile exposed after blasting will have been produced.

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