Water jet blaster Water jet blaster

Water jet blaster

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Water jet blaster consists of pump that generates high pressure water combing with the high pressure hose and rotative cleaning head which can remove dust from of various objects such as road marking removal, rust removal, old paint removal .

Whether gentle jetting or powerful blasting – Waterjet blaster offer the perfect solution for every washing task. Where previously hard material remained , now there is nothing with Watex water jet blaster.

Watex adds value and new appearance and gives back value: old becomes new, shabby becomes chic.

Professional testing the highest quality requirements .And decades of experience in the development of water jetting make this possible for everything cleaning

Water jet blaster

Hydro blasting are extremely useful tools, removing stubborn dirt and grime, both in the industrial and domestic environments.

How does the waterbasting working?

Waterblasting machine works in a similar fashion except that the water is pressurised through a pump to increase power.

Water jet blaster machine are normally connected to a water supply and the water passes through a pump to be expelled at pressure through a cleaning lance .

The cleaning lance has a trigger which controls the flow rate of the water and enables the operator to direct the jet the point they need to clean.

For offshore cleaning applications fully certified and containers are available with paint finishes to customer specification and requirement .

Max simplicity design for water jet blaster

Every waterjet blaster machine is robust, easy to operate and designed for longevity. Simple control panels are used throughout the product range avoiding the need for PLC systems, ensuring reliability .

High capacity water filters & stainless steel suction line fittings are used as standard & boost pumps fitted for higher pressure applications.

Shutdown switches are fitted where necessary to monitor various pump & prime mover functions.

Water jet blaster is the most effective way to clean outdoors and is extremely easy . Connect your device to the water supply and power outlet, turn on the tap.

With matching special accessories, the devices are transformed into real all-rounders: clearing the guttering or even cleaing the bins, the application possibilities are virtually unlimited.

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