What is water blasting ? What is water blasting ?

What is water blasting ?

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Water blasting uses high pressure water to remove loose debris and rust and paint and jetting sewer drain and pipe and tube . UHP water blasting is a technique used for surface preparation. It removes various coatings, contamination, chlorides , and corrosion. Water jetting or hydro blasting has to be done with chloride-free water to remove unwanted materials . and leave the surface ultra-clean.

UHP water blasting removes paint and various contaminants from the bottom surface without damage the inner original material . It means it blasts paint and shears it of the surface when water bursts onto the underlying material. It doesn’t affect the original profile but leaves it intact. It’s best used for removing heavy rust, various hard to remove paint systems, and salts.

Ultra high pressure hydro blasting produce incredible benefits for industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and cutting applications. The energy generated by the piston pump exceeds the bonding energy of even the most adherent scales. Coatings, or casting debris

Many features of water blasting comparing with grid blasting

Reduce your downtime

High pressure water blasting machine with automated tooling. And a vast number of different nozzle configurations increase cleaning solution for different cleaning situation . Ultra high pressure (UHP) water blasting reduces downtime, and improves safety performance and efficiency as well . You will get the ultimate in reduced downtime and improved safety and precision.

High pressure water is used in a variety of industrial applications. But if you’re considering using either UHP water jetting or grit blasting, it’s important to consider the following points:

Water jetting cost

Cost is a central concern for most businesses, although it’s important not to compromise quality as satisfaction. However, when the same standard of blasting preparation finished can be achieved by using a more cost method.

Water jetting is more costly than sand blasting, need high water consumption and expensive water blasting equipment costs.Whereas grit blasting media and equipment is a more economical choice, but the consumption of the cost is high .

Water Jetting is a complicated working

Achieving a high quality results from blasting treatment is the main goal, so it’s important to keep the process as simple as possible. The more complex the process, the high quality of the surface will be expected .

Ultra high pressure water jetting equipment requires several additional steps that not only complicate the treatment process but lengthen the time taken to complete each stage.

Watex offers water jetting cleaning solutions for different surface. Ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 psi, spanning across multiple industries and applications.

Protection for high pressure water blasting situations is critical

Safety need to pay attention before water blasting so choose safe suit before water blasting is necessary  

A high pressure blasting of water to the skin and body skin can cause injury that may be permanent. Watex safe suit protective apparel is designed to lessen the severity of accidental exposure related to high-pressure water blasting. Allow the safe suit team provide you with the high quality UHP protection you need. Learn more about our water jetting safety suits and why they are necessary for maximum protection.

Ultra high pressure water blasting coating removal process uses a self contained three-five cylinder pump unit that creates its own negative pressure within the housing. The vacuum-assisted housing is where the blasting bar, made up of several nozzles, impacts the coating. All debris is removed with a pressurized hose .

The only waste generated is the coating and minimal residual water which is filtered and can be disposed of safely. Watex uses this process for coatings containing lead, asbestos and other hazardous and non hazardous materials.

Protection for high pressure water blasting situations is critical

Watex utilize contemporary 10,000 PSI and 20,000 PSI machines at 10-50 GPM as well as state of the art machines producing 10,000 PSI with flow rates up to 50 GPM. This equipment can be used to remove coatings, linings rust and scale build up and obstructions without damaging surface.

Surface preparation is done to increase adhesion for painting. Without good quality surface preparation, meaning ultra cleaning and a proper profile, all coating systems will fail finally and lost time and money .

Configurations for high pressure water blasting

  • Low pressure water cleaning  300 bar -500 bar
  • High pressure water cleaning, 800 bar-1000 bar
  • High Pressure water jetting, 1000 bar -2000 bar
  • Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) water jetting, 2000-2800 bar

Ultra high pressure water jetting, or UHP water blasting, is simply the practice of using highly pressurized water to remove a coating or contaminant from a surface. Previously this is achieved by abrasive blasting at high pressures onto a surface. But for a few reasons, in some circumstances, there’s no choice than pure water and high pressure.

A versatile option with hydro blasting

Ultra high pressure water jetting can be used to remove rust, resins, chemical residues. Paints and epoxies without the disposal measures necessitated by blasting with chemicals, solvents and abrasives. This makes the practice an attractive option in many of the industries.

Ultra high pressure water jetting is less expensive than alternative methods. This is because the costs associated with recollecting large amounts of abrasive material can become quite high.

The benefits of UHP blasting

Environmental factor is one of the main attractions of removing coatings via the practice of ultra high pressure water jetting.

While use of abrasives can produce a good deal of waste from the blast media, paint debris and rust products, but these byproducts are eliminated with UHP. This makes the practice especially attractive for work in the ship marine industry.

When blasting around sensitive machinery involving many break parts, grit from sand blasting has the potential to affect the performance of that machinery. Pure water blasting at high pressure is appropriate alternative in these situations as well.

Professional cleaning with hydro jetting equipment

Despite its many benefits, ultra high pressure water jetting maybe not the perfect for every job, find out which option best suits your cleaning, please talk to our experienced sales or engineer.

Hydro blasting works like a a power washer that is contained in a housing the size of a large lawnmower. It blasts the surface with a high pressure water stream. The water is immediately sucked back into the pump system so the surface is not only clean . and free of the original asbestos, also get dry easy .

Surface preparation is essential prior to make the new painting, coating or lining of a substrate. To ensure that the material is applied consistently. free from contamination or debris affecting the quality of the final surface .

Grit jetting and UHP water jetting are common choices for producing a clean surface and both methods produce comparable high quality results. so knowing which is more better for your project can be tricky.

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