High pressure water blasting rust coating removal for ship cleaning High pressure water blasting rust coating removal for ship cleaning

High pressure water blasting rust coating removal for ship cleaning

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Water blasting rust and paint removal is widely use for the surface of the metal to deal with the corrosion and old paint. As you know rust comes from the reaction of water with steel. This is commonly known as oxidation or corrosion. Rust and corrosion destroy the material of metal causing significant damages over time.

This is not only the financial concern,but also a safety risk for some substance like the big ship hull . For this purpose, water blasting and sand blasting were established. So when you need the cleaning solution. More and more person will suggest you consider water blasting as the best option. due to it only use water without any chemical material .

Applications with water blasting for surface preparation exist in almost every industry where need industry cleaning. Water jetting machine is necessary for rust and paint removal. Sometime, just the hydro jetting machine can not finish all of the work.

Many different accessories can rater to different cleaning requirement. Like the rust or old paint cleaning , including pipe or tube cleaning as well . And 3D cleaning head for tank cleaning. In a word, any cleaning requirement only if applied to water blasting. The hydro jetting machine can meet you cleaning requirement .

How to clean the corrosion ? Water blasting rust removal ?

The sheet metals are consistently exposed to a substance, it can begin to corrode easy. And sometimes, the coating of the metal disappear then the metal sheet will become corrosion. So it is necessary to consider the machine to remove the rust and old paint or coating to prevent the rust and corrosion .

The metal sheet are widely used for lots of material and equipment or tools. Like the oil or chemical liquid tanks, and pipes and boilers. These tools substance are prone to corrosion over time. This will lead to chemical exposure or structural degradation. This is why hydro jetting machine is crucial.

Water jetting is also great for removing corrosion. Rust comes from the surface of the metal. So steel tanks, steel pipes, heat exchanger and boilers, and other standard industrial structures made out of corrosive material will be more prone to rust. It need to pay more to deal with the rust.

Best method of Water blasting rust paint removal

We are the experts at effectively removing corrosion without causing potential corrosion or rust . Using high pressure water to remove the coating or rust ,then make the protective coating paint. Control the two steps together ,it can get the good result .

Our water blasting machine removes corrosion leaving behind virtually no mess. No chemical compounds are left on the surface that could lead to rust. Hydro jetting machine effectively prepares any surface and blasting away corrosive compounds.

Water blasting machine is an excellent option to clean surfaces covered with debris, paint, or other materials that need to be repainted or recoated. When water blasting rust or paint removal is done properly, the surface will be left with a very smooth surface.

Since the surface isn’t being hit with blasting like sand material. This texture will provide a more better surface area for paint to stick to, giving longevity to the protective coatings on your buildings or machines

What is the dangerous of the rust removal or corrosion with water blasting ?

If your machine or metal material is beginning to corrode, it can be extremely costly if not dealt with. Corrosion weakens the efficiency of metals and disrate the performance of the tools made by steel . This can result in holes or structural failures within the metals.

The danger can be severe if the structural integrity of the tanks or pipes damaged. Running the risk of tank or pipe with a more higher costs and damages.

Corrosion and rust also affect the material passing through these metal pipes. Substance can be contaminated by coming into contact with corrosion or rust.

While ,rust or corrosion will not permanent. Additionally, corrosive metals do not need to be replaced urgently. The most effective method to restore corroded metals is with water jetting machine to remove the rust and old paint .

Hence the water blasting rust removal can be good methods to prevent the danger of the corrosion to guarantee the machine or the tools can be used long times .

Removing rust with hydro blasting equipment

Corrosion can be quite difficult to remove with normal tool . It tends to be very tough and brittle. However, with hydro blasting machine, the high pressure water jetting makes this task incredibly easy. There’s a lots of methods can use for the rust removal. Till now water blasting machine is becoming the most popular choice for industrial cleaning and rust removal . Lots of the steel tank with rust and paint also use hydro jetting machine to remove the old coating tank.

High pressure water jetting machine is the best corrosion and rust remover. Watex water jetting machine removes corrosion effectively without causing future corrosion.

Thanks to the powerful cleaning through the use of high pressure water jetting . The use of water jetting machine with pressure up to 40,000psi hydro jetting machine. It provides water volumes exceeding 110L/min are commonly used for the removal of paint and rust or the internal cleaning for the pipes.

How to prevent corrosion?  Water blasting as the good method

High pressure water blaster is one of the method for corrosion maintenance without any doubt one of the most efficient ways to deal with corrosion onboard.

Water jetting machine can removes the salt and rust even paint with sufficient pressure it will in 1 operation prepare the surface directly for painting.

Water jetting machine can prepare the same area with two persons with some special cleaning tools. And do it with a better quality of the surface preparation.

Nevertheless, there are some consideration that needs to be noted of to assure that everything is clear before water blasting the surface preparation for rust or corrosion removal .

Lots of rust removal capacity and work in a dry dock through high pressure nozzles with guns and rotating nozzles is hug with lots of time

Remove rust from rebar with hydro blasting machine

Sometimes, it is necessary to remove rust from rebar before starting the construction work. Actually, before making concrete, rebar rust should be cleaned adequately if it has started corroding.

The following reasons will cause reinforcement corrosion

  • Keep the rebar a longer duration exposed to the environment.
  • Continuous wetting or dry at the site without inadequate protection.
  • Keep the reinforcement exposed at a site close to the sea

If corrosion goes untreated, it can cause the collapse of your structures, ensuring sometimes even result in loss can not expected. However, rust is not permanent if treated correctly and water blasting makes the process of removing brittle rust an easy one.

Why should remove rust old paint from rebar with hydro jetting machine ?

Having rust on the surface of the rebar could cause corrosion easy. Further, placing concrete with the rust in the reinforcement. Will result in lose the bond between the concrete and reinforcement bar.

Besides ,it could lead to reducing the bond strength. In addition, if the concrete is placed without cleaning the rebar. Further corrosion of the reinforcement could start at the presence of oxidation.

As we know, bad concrete gets cracked due to durability issues. The main reason we should check the quality of the rebar if the concrete is made according to the international standard . So cleaning the surface of the rebar is necessary .

There are lots of danger of the rust and corrosion

Corrosion will not only affect the appearance of metals. But it can affect the substances that then come into contact with the metal. In industrial application, this has the potential to contaminate substances that come into contact with the corrosion or rust.

High pressure water jet machine with different pumps for cleaning requirement. And water blasting rust corrosion removal with pure water only can be very environmental .

Dry docks must undergo regular paint and rust removal procedures and their protective coatings must be repainting. The condition for the reliable adhesion of new primer and protective paint coating is a surface free from rust, oil, grease and other contamination. To arrive in this, high pressure water jetting pump systems are employed to provide water for blasting with 2,800 bar. And maximum-pressure water jetting pressure more than 3000 bar.

The new application of the protective coating could offer long time security. WJ-2 surface quality was required after surface preparation. This was achieved using high-pressure guns in combination with Watex pumps of Type .

With a performance of 35 liters per minute, the pumps generate a pressure of 2500 bar. Work was carried out using high pressure cleaning guns and assembled with rotating nozzles. This combination made it possible to remove the rust from the dry dock. To the required surface finish, at a rate of 40 square meters per hour.

Water jetting machine for car body cleaning and rust removal

Water blasting machine can be used for paint removal, restore and rust removal, then taking it back to bare metal. Hydro jetting machine can handle various types of metals. such as: sheet steel, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon iron and metal alloys, composite material.

We use ultra high pressure water blasting at an adjustable pressure as high as 2500 bar to 3000 bar. Hydro blasting equipment will not leaving any residue or affecting body lines and curves in any way. Unlike treatments such as sandblasting. In addition, parts treated with Watex hydro blasting machine is made good with the removal of impurities. Also it can solve the rust removal easy in a simple way .

Hydro jetting machine is often the preferred choice where sand blasting is not practical. The advantages of the hydro blasting that it’s a lot cleaner as you are using water as the cleaning media. So it is very environmentally friendly. Spark-free and with virtually no waste disposal – rust and paint can be contained using permeable membrane and the water runs away to drainage.

Water blasting equipment will take off any coating, rust. grease or any other contamination and prepare the steel surface for a fresh coating system. It is also the preferred method for taking off very hardened materials internally and externally as well .

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