Water blasting road marking removal Water blasting road marking removal

Water blasting road marking removal

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Water blasting road marking removal use high pressure water jetting the old road marking or airport runway rubber . It do not break the internal material , just remove the road marking with the pure water by adjust the pressure around 1500 bar -2000 bar .

Road markings are laid on the roads with the intention of being permanent . And so the removal of them can be complicated .Old road markings have become a standard feature on roads, sometimes causing confusion to drivers. Because of this, it is extremely important to have a method that effectively removes road marking.

Till now ,there is no homogeneous standard for road markings. This means road marking can consist of most different components. They are floored on different surfaces as asphalt streets, paving stones, concrete areas or metal bridges.

If marking have to be removed, it can become a real challenge. That’s why water jetting machine have developed field-proven solutions for road marking removal , which also include the suction and deposit of the paint.

Traditional Methods of Road Marking Removal

Traditionally, road markings were removed through the process of burning. This is not only time consuming, but dangerous through the release of smoke and fumes. This method involves an industrial tool that exerts high temperatures to burn off the existing markings. Due to this hazardous process, there has been a need for an alternative method of road marking removal.

Using water blasting road marking removal can be quick, easy, and efficient. Whether the road markings are red, white, yellow, or more. This process does not involve any harsh chemicals or abrasives with water jetting road marking removal.

Water blasting can be used for the removal of road markings on a variety of surfaces. such as standard roads, airport runway rubber and markings on school ground. The water blasting machine leaves the surface free of markings and ready for any new markings if needed.

Water blasting as the urgent method to instead of road marking removal

It doesn’t matter if the project that you want to do is large or small . Water jetting road marking can cater to almost any sized road marking removal .

One of the great things about road marking removal is the fact that there are no harsh chemicals, abrasives or substances used.

This means that it can be used to remove playground markings and can be used to allow us to carry out road marking removal indoors and outdoors.

Trying to water blasting road marking removal without the proper machine can be very difficult. Even if you have the equipment , you still need to have experience in providing an effective result. Road markings are designed to be a permanent feature on the road and they’re thermoplastic, so they can’t simply be washed away. Hydro jetting is able to remove most color of road markings

Pavement marking removal through high pressure water jetting

Highway and airport runway markings must be removed and repainted regularly. And runway always face the additional problem of rubber build-up every time when airplane landing .

Grinding it away by normal brush machine can damage the pavement . And sandblasting generates a lot of dust, only water jetting roa d marking can be very easy and environmental.

For removing pavement markings, high pressure water blasting works faster and more thoroughly without dust or pavement damage. Hydro jetting system that makes short work of removing paint .

And rubber from highways and runways, while the smaller control panel handles short line jobs, like parking decks and intersections.

Advantages with water blasting road marking removal

  • Completely removes markings, and airfield runway rubber build-up
  • No damage concrete or asphalt
  • Saves time and labor cost
  • Creates a stronger bond for re-striping
  • Eliminates dust and debris with optional vacuum recovery
  • Cleans deep into runway grooves
  • Water jet road marking paint removal without a trace
  • Safety and Environmental advantages
  • Minimal surface impact ,hydro blasting suitable for all types of road surfacing material
  • Remote operated systems ensure just little person are enough to work on the carriageway
  • Environmentally and friendly ,there is no harsh chemicals used.

The object of the road marking removal is to eliminate the old markings without damaging the road itself. If line markings are not completely obliterated, traces can remain and confuse motorists and cause accidents potentially .

On the other hand ,you can reduce the jetting width according to the width of the markings that have to be removed by adjustable metal plates, so that it is possible to work very precisely.

There are many applications of water jetting stripe removal:

  • Parking lots
  • Roads
  • Playground
  • Airport runways
  • Bike paths
  • Driveways

Water blasting road marking removal must be thorough and at the same time gentle to the pavement. The high pressure water blasting process is the ideal solution. Whether temporary markings in job sites or markings on runways. landing strips, racetracks and parking lots . hydro jetting ensure economic removal.

UHP water used is environmentally friendly, cheap and easily available. Watex offers tailor-made complete cleaning systems consisting of a high pressure water jet unit and related specific accessories for pressures up to 3,000 bar.

Ultra high pressure water jetting is the new technology that only use pure water from the water jet pump . Which pressurized steam water from the nozzle.with the hose combining with the panel has 24-42 orifices to remove the road marking or line .

We also supply the collecting system to get the mixing material with the water to the extra tank then deal with all of them that allowed to disposal .

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