Water blasting rig platform Water blasting rig platform

Water blasting rig platform

Date:2023-4-25 Author:admin

Ultra high pressure water blasting for rig platform is a great way to clean and remove unwanted deposits within tubes, pipes, tanks and Vessels. It removes the chance of salt contamination and prepares surfaces for storage coating purposes.

Water jetting on drill rig production platform . these offshore high pressure pump packages can be safely used in superstructure and fabric maintenance projects. accommodation areas, walkways, and pipes and supports.

Our offshore hydroblasting rig platform equipment is often used in conjunction with accessories for surface preparation and cleaning.

High pressure water blasting is a dust-free technique which allows other adjacent activities such as painting and lagging to continue. It minimizes the waste stream created, reduces cleaning time.

When used in surface preparation operations is proficient at exposing the original profile without further erosion. And guarantees the highest level of cleanliness of all surface preparation methods.

Watex water blasting rig platform undertakes ultra high pressure water jetting applications in safe and hazardous area environments .

Watex offshore water jetting units are generally containerized

Where weight is a concern a crash frame may be selected or a unit from our lightweight range. Both crash frames and containers are safety certified. Supplied complete with fork lift entry points and are painted in the customer’s choice of color using a marine coating system.

Container mounted pump units have the advantage of a level of intrinsic noise attenuation along with additional noise attenuation options . Water blasting rig platform as well as offering transport protection and protection from the weather in harsh environments.

Dustless blasting removes the toughest coatings faster than sand blasting, but without any dust. The system works by pure water with ultra high pressure cleaning .

Water blasting rig platform advantages

Water blasting rig platform provides fast and effective removal of deposits from most areas. Including cargo holds, top and bottom side tanks, decks, hatch covers, drilling tubes and pipes.

Water jetting is the best method to prepare your surface for maintenance . In contrast, hammering or pneumatic tools damage the steel structure and increase the chances of salt further into the steel.

Design features include lockable four access doors, externally mounted lockable control panel, external fuel fill. And external stainless steel bulkhead panels for access to controls and services connections, inlet water supply, air supply, and discharge hose connections.

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