Water blasting pool plaster Water blasting pool plaster

Water blasting pool plaster

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Swimming pool restoration contractors require a safe. fast and environmentally friendly method of removing old in-ground plaster surfaces without damaging the swimming pool’s concrete structure. Water blasting pool plaster will be a good method instead of pneumatic air hammer or jack hammers.

When it comes to swimming pool replastering, the prep work has to be consider. Replastering meant stripping off the old plaster using pneumatic air hammers and jack hammers. But now this method has proved to be very harmful and destructive to the pool shell.

When stripping a pool, a certain amount of structural gunite gets removed with plaster . Eventually, it exposes the reinforcing rebar and leaving a thin, uneven and weakened gunite structure. Once these issues start occurring in the future. Repairing costs to the pool shell will be 10 times of replacing the gunite.

Hydro blasting pool plaster is friendly and literally puts a damper on airborne pollution. Environmental issues by suppressing the dust with water, creating a slurry mixture that’s easy to clean up afterward.

Though water blasting may be a safer option in terms of airborne pollution. Watex professional engineers reminds that safety gear should be used when operating the hydro blasting machine. Including leg protectors, steel-toed boots, respirators, safety glasses, face shields and hearing protection apparatus

Utilizing high pressure water blasting system to remove old pool plaster. And allow contractors to make fast cleaning working of any pool restoration project

Including large waterparks and individual homeowner’s backyard pool. Watex offers high pressure water jetting system up to 40,000 psi. UHP water jetting machine is a proven equipment to increase production speeds. It minimizes clean up and disposal of removed material and eliminate the need for additional surface preparation steps prior to recoating.

High pressure water blasting equipment, has been proven to be the efficient method for stripping the plaster. Water blasting can strip up to 2,000 square feet per hour. For perspective, that looks like knocking out this phase of a remodel on a 20-foot by 36-foot pool in four hours.

Hydroblasting sprays a stream at 40,000 PSI, which easily removes plaster, epoxy, anti-slip surfaces and tears into tough to reach . The final result, according to Watex company, it is a surface prepped for its next phase of remodeling without doing extra damage to the pool’s structure or shell.

Removing plaster like jack hammering and sand blasting can bring plumes of silica and other debris into the air. Putting workers and anyone in close range to the construction project at risk of experiencing fatal respiratory diseases like silicosis.

Two methods of polishing swimming pool Surface ,we prefer water blasting pool plaster

Acid Wash: It is easy way to remove algae and buildup that can make your pool water appear discolored and murky.

​Water blasting ​​: Hydroblasting is a new green process that leaves pools free of debris, smooth and ready for the application of pool plaster. Water blasting process polishes swimming pool surfaces down to a bare, clean surface.

There are various methods of cleaning and renovating pools to get the polished look. Whether you seek terms help cleaning your pool, refinishing, high pressure water jetting system will be the good option .

Water blasting pool paint or plaster removal

Preparation of the interior pool surface is critical to the long term adhesion of the new interior plaster. After many years , we have founded that removal of the surface material is the most effective process.  This can be accomplished by using jack hammers or by water jetting unit to blast away the existing plaster. Water jetting or hydro blasting as it is sometimes called the new method of surface preparation without airborne pollution. And widely used by many industries to clean a variety of surfaces. UHP water jetting system uses a diesel driven engine coupling with high pressure pump to create a 40,000 PSI stream of water that completely remove the existing plaster surface.

What are the benefits of high pressure hydro blasting pool plaster ?

The main advantage of high pressure water blasting cleaning is this: the entire process is safe and non-polluting. This cleaning method solves public, industrial, and home caked-in dirt problems.

Ultra high pressure water blasting is the best way to prepare a surface for swimming pool and other metal surface or concrete surface . The process blasts away old paint or plaster without break the internal concrete structure .

Additionally, high pressure water blasting system maybe weaken concrete . And surface corners to rid the area of debris when the pressure more high . So we should control the pressure according to the hardness and surface. But the process does not cause undamaged concrete or bonded surfaces to weaken.

Water blasting and high pressure jetting pool plaster save you time, money, and energy. Because you can find it all under one roof. There’s no need to look further for a cleaning process that bear all of the cost .

High pressure water cleaning services provide the property owner with a fast and effective way of bringing the surface back to pristine condition. The high pressure water cleaning system uses between 5,000 – 40000 psi (roughly 2,780 bar) to remove many different kinds of stubborn dirt.

Before water jetting ,it is necessary to know the correct speed and the pressure for each individual cleaning job. That is why high pressure water blasting cleaning is an extremely effective and efficient way to spruce up residential. Industrial, commercial, and municipal cleaning tasks.

Plaster hydroblasting

After many times, plaster can weaken and require resurfacing. Hydro blasting is the best way to remove old plaster. Since it allows accurate control over the depth of plaster removal. Water blasting efficiently removes the old plaster without damage internal concrete structure.

All of our water blaster owner will pass through our professional team training . Hydro blaster will protect surrounding surfaces prior to starting removal. And reapplication of plaster to ensure your pool remains good situation for years to come.

High pressure waterjet blasting system is the ideal equipment for protective coating or tough surface removal. Like plaster removal ,lost wax, hard contaminants removal . Water jetting unit provides a clean, safe, and repeatable process for metal surface preparation as well .

Hydro blasting plaster removal uses a 40,000 PSI high pressure water to evenly remove old plaster surface for a better non damaging concrete texture. Best of all, water blasting can be done over and over without harmful effects of traditional stripping.

If you’re willing to have your in-ground swimming pool’s surface re-plastered . Maybe you have to remove existing pool plaster or epoxy . Hydro jetting is quick, effective and much quieter and eco-friendly compared to sand blasting. Mostly, workers use a 40,000 PSI water blast machine to accomplish this process and it only uses 3-4 gallons of water a minute.

More advantages of hydroblasting pool plaster

Max efficiency

Hydro Blasting pool plaster has the ability to be six times faster than abrasive blasting equipment. It also significantly reduces cleaning time and cost since there is no media collection and disposal. The result is a significant reduction of time to complete the same project.

Environmentally responsible

There are no toxic chemicals or contaminants used in hydro blasting. All surface cleaning work is done by high pressure water eliminating plaster or paint. This allowing the cleaning media with pristine water only. And cleaning without any air pollution and it is more environmentally friendly.

Safe surface cleaning without breaking internal structural components

The combination of water and air pressure does not cause stress to the internal concrete structural components. Other mechanical cleaning methods will cause vibrations and creating micro fractures that increase the risk of cracking or deterioration.

Versatile cleaning capacity

Hydroblasting has the ability to adapt to the requirements of almost any space where traditional sand blasting cannot achieve . Watex water blaster equipment can convert pressure on-site quickly for various applications.

Dustless cleaning with pure water only

Without dust pollution. High pressure water blasting can be performed in tandem with other contractors on a project without risking contamination. It is also safe for applying explosive environments. Dustless blasting method could mean less shorter shutdowns for your facility.

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