Water blasting pavement marking removal Water blasting pavement marking removal

Water blasting pavement marking removal

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Water blasting is widely used and effective method for pavement marking removal in the pavement and asphalt industry.

Hydro blasting is one of the preferred methods of pavement marking removal because it is environmentally and friendly. Besides, it results in minimal scarring or damage to the asphalt itself. During the cleaning process, water blasting machine that is powered by diesel engine or electrical type that pressurized water at approximately 40,000 psi. Hydro jetting breaks through the part of the asphalt where the lines begin and end in order to remove the marking but without causing any surface damage to the asphalt itself.

It is a fact, trying to remove road markings without the proper equipment can be very difficult. Even if you have the equipment, you still need to have experience in providing an effective result. Pavement markings are designed to be a permanent feature on the road and they’re thermoplastic, so they can’t simply be washed away.

Water blasting is able to remove most colors of pavement marking such as red, white, yellow. Our diesel type hydro blasting equipment can be set to propel itself backwards and forwards. This means we can cater to a number of customer requirements and accommodate every need.

Water blasting is an efficient, cost effective, and eco-friendly way to remove all types of pavement markings and prepare surfaces for pavement markings.

Hydro jetting is perfect method for removing the buildup of rubber markings, paint, epoxies, and curing compounds on the airport landing strip, taxiway, roadway, parking garage.

Water jetting removes airport markings and runway rubber from asphalt and concrete without causing any significant damage to the surface. High pressure water jet unit assembled with cleaning panel can break up rubber deposits, paint, and thermoplastics. During the blasting process, the machine simultaneously recovers the liquid and debris, leaving a clean surface.

The process of pavement marking removal by water blasting is as important as the end result. Adopting the wrong method and you could end up with scarred pavement or inadequate substance removal. Before do the jetting ,we should weigh factors like what type of pavement marking to be removed, surface condition, cost effectiveness and environmental impact. Then adjust the pressure and flow rate for the pavement marking removal.

Pavement marking removal prepares surfaces to avoid confusion. The manual on uniform traffic Control devices requires existing marking be completely removed without creating unacceptable levels of pavement scarring.

Ultra high pressure water blasting as the best way for pavement marking removal

Hydro jetting is one of the more effective road marking removal techniques used across the globe. The process operates at anywhere between 20,000 to 40,000 PSI. It can remove lines off any surface with no damage to the substrate and uses nothing but pure water.

In the cleaning process it simultaneously vacuums the slurry back up which is filtered and then recycled where it may be used for renewable surfacing solutions. It is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way of pavement removal.

Pavement removal through water blasting is the preferred method for many major projects and infrastructure projects across the world. Not it is widely accepted by the client .It is quick, efficient and environmentally friendly as it uses no chemicals in the process. As more and more people becomes more aware about safety in the work place, water blasting can be a safe alternative to grinding in heavily populated areas as it does not create dust in the process of road marking removal.

Advantages of using water blasting for pavement marking removal:

  • No chemicals, additives or abrasive materials are used
  • No fumes and smoking or dust is generated
  • Noise level is lower than alternative road marking removal techniques
  • Suitable for removing on all types of road marking
  • Self contained equipment complete with debris vacuum recovery
  • Minimal surface impact

Traditional road marking removal processes can have varying results, and always damage the concrete or pavement. Hydro blasting allows for safe, quick, thorough removal of paint or rubber from concrete with no damage to the surface. The pavement surface is also prepared for a new painted stripe after removal.

High pressure water jetting for the purpose of pavement marking removal, harsh chemicals are not needed. This improves the safety and protects the environment surrounding the concrete removal area. Water recovery equipment can be used to vacuum the dirty water left over from the pavement removal process.

One of the most common reasons for pavement marking removal is changing traffic patterns. Sometimes accident statistics indicate the need for change. Road expansion creates a need for adjusted signals, and pavement marking removal is needed before applying new.

There are several applications of water jetting pavement removal:

  • Parking lots
  • Road marking
  • Airport runways and rubber removal
  • Bike path
  • Driveway
  • Surface Scrubbing
  • Line Marking Removal
  • Water blasting pavement and road marking removal

An integral part of roadway renovation inevitably involves removing previous old line markings. Those found on roads, pathways or parking areas can be cleaned effectively with water blasting machine. These new technology is widely accepted as the most effective mode of treatment, thoroughly removing markings with little if any residual damage to the surface area.

In the world of road marking, line removal is just as crucial as line application. The staff at at removing any and all surface markings via a wide variety of techniques. These include blackout paint, an economical way to cover over existing line markings.

We can also remove lines by grinding machine, a common method that is ideal for smaller jobs where surface finishing isn’t a consideration, as it leaves scarring. Conversely, hydro blasting involves chipping away at the markings with metal beads administered by a self-contained vacuum and is ideal for concrete surfaces. And if you require a clean, smooth surface after line removal, consider water jetting.

Water blasting as the best way for road marking removal

Purchasing the water blasting unit in the market, we can offer quick, clean and environmentally friendly line marking removals. What that means to our customers is that we can be on and off your job faster –

In the airports, as well as cleaning and removing rubber on concrete or asphalt runways. we can fine tune the water pressure of the to get the rubber from the surface of the concrete, thereby increase the frication of the asphalt for the loading of the airline.

Watex vacuum recovery system allows for the application of new markings. In the airport emergency situations, we can vacate a runway in less than a minute to permit emergency landings

Watex providing our customers with great service and the constant improvement of our techniques and our technology helps us achieve that. High pressure water blaster to our fleet exemplifies our commitment to bringing you, water blasting pavement marking removalour customer, the best the industry has to offer.

Our water blasting machine for pavement marking removal using only water without any chemicals or additive.

Runway rubber removal and runway washing with hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is both effective and efficient, as this surface cleaning method does not release any airborne contaminant. After the area has been water blasted, you are left with a clean surface and minimal damage to underlying substrates. This approach can be utilized to remove rubber from runways and pavement marking off of roads.  Our pavement marking removal methods and machines are efficient and environmentally-friendly. Making them ideal for the removal of markings and rubber.

Water blasting road marking removal is the most advanced and eco-friendly way of removing road lines. By using ultra high pressure water. The road line is lifted off from the surface and the vacuum in the truck to prevent pollution to the environment, and it is user friendly.

Furthermore, hydro blasting technology is not only limited to removing road line marking. water blasting can also remove oil industry, rubber deposits on the touch down area of the airport runway. and many other materials without damaging the surface below. Water blasting technology is the most advanced technology in removing unwanted material on any road surface.

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