Water blasting concrete Water blasting concrete

Water blasting concrete

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Water blasting concrete is new tech for industries related to the real estate like repairing old concrete ,concrete drum cleaning . After many years, concrete sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, bridges will begin to show their age. Cracks, uneven pavement, crumbling, and loose joints are just a few of the visible problems that will occur.

Because of water damage, stress and strain, and affection from rain & sun . Cleaning and resurfacing concrete structures is important, especially in areas that receive a lot of rain.

Using high pressure water blasting machine to do concrete restoration are becoming more popular for many reasons. Since concrete is coated with a hard substance that will eventually break down. Water blasting can remove any remaining coating so that new cement can be applied.

Another reason water blasting for concrete restoration is so popular is that it can pinpoint loose joints using water pressure to reveal broken pieces. Water blasting for concrete restoration can also remove paint, water stains, and dirt and debris that may be stuck on the concrete.

Water jetting concrete removal is the perfect alternative

When it comes to concrete removal ,hydro jetting concrete will be the good chose . Watex can offer hydro jetting equipment to rework your damaged concrete surfaces, get rid of unwanted areas of concrete, and safely expose the underlying support structure or rebar.

Water jet concrete removal is the perfect way to efficiently get rid of the damaged concrete and make way for the new. While simultaneously providing an excellent surface for the new material to be applied.

Sometimes electrical hammer, dustless grinding, and scarifying simply aren’t perfect solutions for concrete surface preparation. In most cases, water blasting can be a good alternative. With this technique, high velocity water jet blasting unwanted coatings, adhesives, paint, or soft concrete from the concrete floor’s substrate.

This approach results in an excellent profile to which new floor coatings can adhere. It is environmentally friendly, since no dust is generated. Water blasting machine can be used in conjunction with filtered vacuum to capture all old cement .

A good alternative to traditional surface preparation techniques

Water jetting concrete offers a safe, effective and environmentally alternative to traditional methods of concrete removal.

We are highly experienced in the use of UHP water jetting and blasting on a variety of structures across range of industries, including service reservoirs, bridges and silos. It can use high pressured water jet with pressures up to 40,000 psi to safely and accurately remove areas of deteriorated concrete without damaging steel structures or areas that do not require removal.

Safe for contractors and structures with water blasting concrete

Hydro blasting technique avoids the use of heavy machinery or hydraulic power equipment which cause vibrations . Over time ,these vibrations can threaten the structural integrity of buildings, something which can be safely avoided using hydro jetting technology .

When essential infrastructure needs to be cleaned or need to restoration, Watex is able to reduce downtime by utilizing our high pressure water jetting system to customize efficient solutions.  We utilize state of the art equipment and robotics to minimize unnecessary damage to substrates while providing the best safety and ergonomic techniques for our technicians.

Surface preparation is a important factor in the performance of coatings and repair material applied to concrete. Ultra high pressure water blasting consists of directing a high velocity, high pressure water jet to the concrete surface through a specially designed nozzle that travels transversely along a boom. The boom sweeps back and forth across the concrete surface as the equipment advances incrementally.

Advantages of water blasting concrete

  • There is no dust and noise is minimal.
  • There are no mechanical vibrations that may cause structural damage.
  • The machine selectively removes deteriorated concrete and leaves healthy concrete intact. The reinforcing steel is not damaged.
  • The removal of deteriorated concrete is faster than by conventional methods such as jackhammer.
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