Water blaster machine Water blaster machine

Water blaster machine

Date:2023-6-12 Author:admin

Water blaster machine is a equipment for cleaning external surfaces and the interior of the pipe or tank .It relies entirely on the sheer force of water from a pressurized source to achieve the desired cleaning effect on the intended surface. Abrasives, toxic and harmful chemicals are not used in water blaster equipment

Besides , water blast machine is a technique for cleaning surfaces, which relies entirely on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning effect.

Corrossion Easy to remove with water blaster machine

Corrosion to a metal sheet or structure used to be extremely hard to remove due to its tough characteristic. Water blasting is the best way for removing rust and corrosion from metal. Another benefit of hydro blaster is how well it preps and cleans steel. The high pressure water blasting preserves the surface of the metal.

Water blaster machine also a none invasive plumbing solution that use high pressure jetting to remove blockages effectively. It involves the use of high pressure water blaster machine which can remove debris, clogs, and buildup from the plumbing or tube and tank .

Water blast machine also be used for tank boiler cleaning

Water blaster machine is widely used water jet blasting equipment to clean tanks, boilers, remove paint. And perform numerous maintenance functions necessary for achieving high quality operations at various industries.

Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning machine stripping or cleaning, or water blast cleaning, is a widely used process for the removal of material. Coating, or contamination from the surface to clean even the hardest-to-reach places.

All of the pump system with different pressure and flow rate available

Watex has experience with all types of water jet pump processes and specializes in ultra-high pressure water jet blasting technology. Our water blaster machine with water that is pressurized up to 40,000 psi to remove coatings and debris from substrates. We are one of the quality high pressure water jet cleaning machine manufacturer.

Water blast machine also differs from standard pressure jetting in that the process can produce blasting pressures above 40000psi to easily strip grease, oil, loose rust, paint coatings, and foreign material without damaging the substrate. It also commonly used as the definitions for power washing and high pressure cleaner for industry.

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