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Water blast

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Water blast is designed to deliver optimal productivity with ultra high pressure water jetting to enhance performance to tackle the most demanding applications. With a wide selection of models and nearly limitless options for customization to suit specific needs.

Maintaining high environmental standards. We have invested in safe ultra high pressure water blasting that complies with the CE and ATEX . That means you’re guaranteed zero impact on the health and safety of the environment and residents

What is water jet blast machine ?

Watex manufactures high pressure water blast machine for the pressures up to 40,000 psi. This pressure meet the external surface cleaning and internal requirements of most industrial applications.

Application with water blast machine :

  • Casting parts cleaning
  • Surface cleaning from concrete
  • Corrosion removal from metal surface
  • Marine surface cleaning
  • Paint removal from tank or ship
  • Oil and gas refinery
  • Concrete truck drum cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Painting and coating removal
  • Water blaster rust removal
  • Scale removal
  • Line marking removal (road marking or Zebra crossing)
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Grate and floor cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Drain and sewer cleaning

These applications are commercially superior for material removal and surface preparation in many industries, including:

Water blast machine can clean many type of toughest materials in your facility.

When it comes to ultra high pressure (UHP) water blast. Watex provide the best service with industry hydro blasting machine to clean many materials like pipe and surface cleaning .

Our UHP system can deliver pressures up to 40,000psi in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Why Choose Watex UHP water jetting system ?

Our term have 22 year experience in the ultra high pressure technology and we make the machine. According to the cleaning requirement and compact design.

We make use of water blasting equipment that provides perfect cleaning result.

Our UHP water blasting system can deliver pressure up to 40,000psi in an efficient and environmentally friendly methods.

No matter the industry you’re in, ultra high-pressure water blaster is an efficient, cost effective. And environmentally toolkit for surface preparation or restoration.

UHP water blasting is one of the most recommended methods for the preparation of surfaces. Especially when it comes to the construction and oil gas industry for surface preparation.

Hydro jetting concrete with high pressure cleaner

Hydro blast equipment removes damaged or unwanted materials without damaging the surrounding surface material. Instead, our UHP water blast is extremely focused only remove the broken concrete do not need parts but not break the surround cement .

Why use is ultra high pressure water blast ?

Water blast also known as hydro blast or hydro blasting machine – is a specific and selective blasting process . That effectively and efficiently removes a wide range of materials. coatings, paint and contamination from various surfaces by ultra high pressure water to achieve the removing .

The jetting process has no vibrations, dust, gas, vapour, slag or mechanical or thermal stress. Now more and more companies or factories use such to deal with some parts that other tool hard to clean ,like cement in the pipe and drilling pipe and paint cleaning for the ship hull and road marking or zebra crossing cleaning then make the new one .

Ensuring zero impact, we have the right equipment. At Watex tech, we use the best UHP water blaster and technologies for the safe, reliable and efficient provision of your blasting needs.

Do you think water blast is a tool or the machine for cleaning ?

When you search water blast ,it always shows as the toy for the children. but in the ultra high pressure cleaning industry , it is the machine for surface preparation and pipe cleaning and sewer jetting as well .

Water blast is a type of high pressure water jet which is used to remove hard surface material . Major difference between a water blaster and high pressure cleaner is the nozzle size and the pressure from the pump.  

As a narrow nozzle is used in hydro blaster, it provides a better cleaning performance. Water blaster requires a lot of practice and a proper technique needs to be followed. Hydro blaser can cause some serious harm due to the higher pressure of water. The operator needs to wear PPE for safety protection.

Water blaster machine is employed for the removal of tough stains, paint, and chemicals. It is used for industrial cleaning. Handling water blaster machine requires experience, otherwise, wrong move can damage the surface or object which is being cleaned or may injure the operator .

What is the difference between water blast and high pressure cleaner ?

High pressure water blast machine will often remove a thin layer of the surface material along with the dirt and grime. Unlike low pressure cleaning machine, it is not recommended for use on all surfaces. For example, water blasting can actually strip away paint or rust.

The main difference between high pressure cleaner and hydro blaster is the water pressure they generated , and water jet pump is not same .

In general, high pressure cleaner and hydro blaster run driven by either electric or diesel engine . Along with this, both of them have a water pump, nozzle, wands, and hoses. The nozzle is used to push the water at high pressure.

The main difference between a high pressure cleaner and water blaster is the way pressure is achieved.

Another major difference is the pressure they can provide

Due to less water pressure, high pressure cleaner is easy to handle and maintain. On the other hand, water blasters require experience and more professional operator , and a single error can cause damage or injury. 

High pressure cleaner can’t be used on every surface, while due to high pressure. Water blast can be used on every surface from thin surface to hard paint.

Water blasters are used for industrial cleaning to remove tough stains while pressure washers are used in normal dust and contamination cleaning .

High pressure cleaner also called pressure washer. It sprays water at moderately high pressure to provide cleaning of the surfaces. For cleaning activity, pressure washer nozzles need not to be small, instead, they are preferred slightly larger.

The main role of a high pressure cleaner is to increase the pressure of water to remove any dirt or unwanted material from the surfaces. The pressurized flow of water is enough for cleaning the surfaces but not adapt to the hard surface ,which need hydro blaster to clean. Using a pressure washer is comparatively easy do not require too much practice or even technique.

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