Ultra high pressure water jetting Ultra high pressure water jetting

Ultra high pressure water jetting

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Ultra high pressure water jetting system also defined water blaster is a machine use UHP water blasting surface to remove coating like rust ,paint, runway rubber, road marking line. It also can be used for pipe tube cleaning. In most cases, because of its efficiency, water blasting will require only one operator to achieve cleaning application.

UHP water blasting is a innovative jetting method, by which, a high pressure stream of water is used to remove old paint, rust. And hard deposit of the pipe or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it.

Watex ultra high pressure hydro blaster machine for the pressures ranging from 100 bar to 1500 bar . This pressure range can meet the various cleaning requirements of most industrial applications.

If your cleaning requirement need ultra high pressure with big volume output machine. It need the pressure 2000 bar – 3000 bar, combining some accessories can achieve the special cleaning requirement . Ultra high pressure water blaster is ideal for chemical industry , concrete industry , ship hull industry ,oil and gas industry .

Advantages of ultra high pressure water jetting system

  • Reduction downtime for the factory
  • Saving labor cost
  • Equipment surface protection
  • Old parts renew 
  • Water filters system recovery
  • No need chemicals and none hazardous materials
  • Application of high pressure water blaster
  • Old paint removal
  • Ship paint and bottom cleaning the oyster and alga
  • Concrete remove with hydro jetting
  • Chloride washing from cement
  • Swimming pool refurbishment
  • Casting parts removing extra metal or coating the outside dust
  • Removing deposit in pipe
  • Rust cleaning with hydro blasting
  • Kiln Cleaning in Cement Plant
  • Heat exchanger cleaning with ultra high pressure hydro blaster
  • Pavement overlay removing
  • Chemical and oil Tank Cleaning
  • Deburring with high pressure water blaster

Accessories for ultra high pressure water jetting system

  • High pressure cleaning gun
  • Unloader pressure valve
  • straight Jet nozzle
  • Rotate cleaning head
  • High Pressure hose from USA
  • Four wheels trailer tailoring to the pump unit
  • Electric type or diesel Engine
  • Hydraulic gauge
  • Pneumatic valve for the pump
  • Safety protection suit for the operator
  • Electrical control panel for the machine

Ultra high pressure water jetting system is used in everywhere in everyplace from machinery on a mine site, to cleaning the roof of a building. It is vital to find a water blasting machine with the right specifications to get the satisfied results

At the first glance refer to the pressure and cleaning result, it might seem that more pressure used. The more effective the hydro blaster while in some applications require minimal pressure but high flow for some soft material just removing .

In a high pressure water jet cleaning or water blaster equipment, pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). Whether using small high pressure cleaner or hydro blasting machine in high pressure .Please choose the right pressure you need .

Water pressure and flow rate both play key roles in the efficiency of cleaning ability. Typically, hardened deposits need higher pressures, and softer materials are easy to remove with higher flow in a lower pressure for pipe cleaning .

Two important factors of the ultra high pressure water jetting system

The pressure of the water

When water blaster’s pressure gets above 15,000 psi, it goes into stripping rather than cleaning. This is particularly useful for applications like stripping paint or removing adhering material at the bottom of the ship

Some high pressure water cleaning machine or water blasters can operate at pressures of up to 40,000 psi. However highly rated hoses and fitting are needed for working with these pressures safely

The flow rate of the water

Water blaster machine’s flow is measured in LPM. There is a wide range of flow rate available for industrial high pressure water cleaning .

A flow rate of 20- 30 LPM is best for most general surface cleaning applications. But a higher flow rate is required when there is a large volume of substance to clean off from the tank or vessel .

High pressure water blaster, also known as ultra high pressure water blasting, due to its high strong cleaning ability that removes dirt, scale, and unwanted materials from surfaces and is typically used in sewer, drain, tank, marine vessel, bridge, and plant equipment .

How does ultra high pressure water jetting machine work ?

A pressurized stream of water produced through the high pressure water jetting pump with a specially designed nozzle is targeted at undesired coating to clean, residue and dirt build-ups even in hard to reach places.

This method is perfect for internal and external surfaces cleaning because the spray gun operator is able to access those “hard to reach” areas. And because of its strong water spray, the user should keep a safe distance from the surface being cleaned.

Shutdown cleaning with high pressure water jetting system

Ultra high pressure water jetting can boost shutdown maintenance, ensuring factory performed on time within limited budget and with minimal disruption. Most parts of industries that can benefit from this jetting service including furniture manufacturer, chemical plant, automotive factory, sugar refinery and gas or oil industry .

Internal and external hull cleaning with UHP water jetting

Ultra high pressure water jetting can get rid of barnacles and sea plants attached to boat and ship hulls that have been submerged for a long time. It can also help prepare surface before new paint or protective coating is painting .

Surface preparation with ultra high pressure water jetting system

Many municipal and road management organizations have benefited from water blasting technology. Especially in multi lane freeway cleaning and bitumen surface preparation for resurfacing or remarking .

Public facilities cleaning

The perfect solution for removal of grime, graffiti and paint from surfaces such as brick, concrete. Metal surface and other common commercial surfaces with water blasting can get the expected result. Watex ultra high pressure water blaster used for industries such as mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and government utilities.

We can produce ultra high pressure water jetting system with our mobile trailer and skilled technicians. All vehicles operate under strict licensing standards that comply with environmental regulations.

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