Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

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Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment for challenging industrial cleaning and jetting projects. It is the machine not only cost-effective .it effectively jetting the surface without damage to the existing profile . And with very little impact on the environment with ultra high pressure water blasting machine.

Ultra high pressure water blasting machine is ideal machine for the removal of heavy rust. scale, resins, chemical residues. And thick or abrasion resistant coatings – such as chlorinated rubber, coal-tar epoxies, polyurethanes, and glass-flake coatings. Water jetting cuts through both rust and coating by literally dis-bonding it from the surface. The waste is then rinsed away – resulting in a totally clean surface.

Professional tank cleaning has stayed committed to finding the most eco-friendly approach to coating removal with the purchase of a 40,000 psi ultra high pressure water blasting machine.

There are a variety of specialized ultra high pressure tools for prepping ship hulls, shaft tubes, exhaust trunks, sea chests, and jet drives etc.

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment

The key component of all UHP systems is the water jet pump which is expected to deliver pressures ranging from 800 to 40,000 psi (2800 Bar). That coupled with power ratings up to 1,000 horsepower (735 kW) means these pumps need to be solidly constructed and durable. Depending on jobsite conditions, high pressure pumps can either be electric or diesel powered.

Alongside the ultra high pressure water blasting equipment . Each unit requires special hoses and tool heads needed to clean the surface. Depending on the application, there are a variety of tools including internal pipe and tube cleaning tools. Vacuum-attached crawlers, internal tank cleaning heads, floor & grate cleaners, and remote-controlled robotic cleaning systems.

An often overlooked component of the Water Jetting approach is the protective suit needed by the operators. Most might consider jeans and a t-shirt enough for water blasting. but the truth is 40k psi water blaster will devastate flesh if they come in contact. For that reason, specially designed clothing, which has been rated to provide protection against UHP is necessary.

Benefits of Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment for Surface Preparation?

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment is dustless which increases visibility, improves speed, reduces potential injury and environmental issues.
UHP hydro blasting minimizes waste by not using any abrasive media, eliminating that expense as well as abrasive clean-up costs.
By eliminating dust, UHP blasting machine allows the continuation of other operations near the blasting site that might otherwise be delayed or compromised.
UHP ensures no contaminants are added to the project surface whilst cleaning it.
UHP water jetting removes soluble salts and other contaminants from the surface.
The ultra high pressure water blasting equipment stripping process does not create a new surface profile. but restores it back to its original profile.
With the right configuration of equipment, UHP water jetting can effectively:

  • Removing tough paints and thick coatings,
  • strip coatings from floors and grates,
  • pipe cleaning machine
  • tube cleaning
  • remove deposits from pipes,
  • clean interiors of tanks,
  • hydro demolition concrete
  • water jetting concrete

Water blasting machine removes damaged or unwanted materials without damaging the surrounding surface material . And keep the material need then make the new material like concrete for building or bridge.

Instead, Watex UHP water blasting equipment is extremely focused on the pipe jetting and surface preparation and paint or rust removal .

What is ultra high pressure water blasting machine ?

Ultra high-pressure water blasting – also known as high pressure water jetting system- is a specific and selective blasting process that effectively removes a wide range of materials. Coatings, paint and contamination from various surfaces with pure water only without any media like abrasive.

Ultra high pressure water jetting ensure zero impact, we have the varies equipment for choose according to you client requirement. If you want to clean the pipe please tell us the diameter and what material you want to clean ;

if you want the machine for surface preparation tell us exactly you cleaning requirement ,then we can suggest you high pressure water with flow rate around 30-45L/min.

Applications for ultra high pressure water blasting equipment:

  • Surface preparation
  • Paint and coating removal
  • Rust cleaning
  • Road marking removal
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Drain cleaning

Ultra high pressure water blasting comparing with traditional jetting

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment is an effective choice when traditional methods of removal are not powerful enough. Customized nozzles with water pressure at low volumes. UHP is designed to remove corrosion and rust .

Ultra high pressure water blasting machine deliver a quick and easy surface preparation for your industrial cleaning needs. Our blasting equipment is minimal and quick to setup. Containment may be required depending on your facility, however is often not required.

UHP water jetting system has numerous benefits over conventional sand blasting.  During the process all salts. Surface contaminants and marine growth are removed without impregnating them into the metal substrate that would cause pre-mature coating failures as experienced with conventional sandblasting methods.

All existing coatings and corrosion are removed using only high pressure water. Ultra high pressure water jetting removes the existing coating and reveals the existing surface profile.

High pressure water blasting machine

Watex specialize in not only removing tank rust or paint but also all other protective marine coatings. Such as antifoul paint and epoxy barrier coats found on hulls or ship . We also can remove epoxies from, bulwarks, sea chests, shaft tubes, exhaust trunks, deck drains .

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment with robotic systems can greatly help access remote areas, or confined spaces. Adopting our customized solutions will help diminish your cost by choosing the right machine than just do by lots of efforts you focus on the traditional methods.

As well as mounted on trailers, skids, or containers. For projects involving hazardous materials or environments, special models are also available.

Ultra high pressure water blasting equipment is one of the most recommended machine for the preparation of surfaces, especially when it comes to the shipping hull before painting.

Ultra high-pressure water blasting machine contractors need skilled and trained operator to deal with cleaning requirement for different material cleaning .

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