UHP water jetting equipment for sale UHP water jetting equipment for sale

UHP water jetting equipment for sale

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UHP water jetting equipment for sale in a competitive price press water out of a hydro blasting gun at high velocities through the pump obtains water from tank . Then place it under pressure in specially designed hose to the exit orifice of the gun.

A mechanical trigger on the water jetting equipment gun opens and closes a valve. When the valve open the pressurized water is released and cleaning the surface to clean .

UHP water blasting machine can be used to remove different debris on a variety of surfaces. Like concrete, steel pipes, copper statues and aluminum extrusions can all be cleaned by UHP water jetting machine.

It should be noted that care must be taken to adjust the pressure according to the material being cleaned. The water pressure will be different for cleaning different material.

Ultra high pressure water jetting is most often used to clean substrates prior to coating, because without surface preparation, coatings can’t be removed easy ..

Many features of UHP water jetting equipment for sale in the market

Safe and environmental operating and healthy running

Advances in UHP robotic cleaning technology is putting cleaning panel instead of the high pressure gun out of hand on the surface to achieve far or high cleaning . UHP water blasting’s medium is pure water rather than abrasive blasting. Sand can cause dangerous dust clouds that will be harmful for workers to inhale.

Ultra high pressure water blasting, or UHP water jetting equipment for sale, is simply the practice of using highly pressurized water to remove a coating or contaminant from a substrate. In some circumstances, there’s no smarter choice than pure water jetting .

UHP water blasting machine owns several advantages than other cleaning processes. UHP water blaster will not use hazardous chemicals, and abrasive media blasting can cause residual solids to accumulate, creating an disorderly work environment.

Lower blasting cost than sand blasting with UHP water jetting equipment

Only pure water is used to remove coatings with hydro blaster, the costs less than grit blasting by eliminating the need for collection, containment and disposal of abrasive. High productivity without no extra clean up means you can focus purely on moving the job forward.

Reducing project time

Removal coatings with water instead of sand allows for other work to be completed during water blasting . Electrical or even painting can be performed with UHP surface preparation, which means projects are completed in less time saving you the most on your projects.

Producing more better surface quality with uhp water jetting equipment

UHP water jetting surface means reapplied coatings will last longer. Innovative surface preparation equipment removes coatings and leaving the surface at a WJ-1 to WJ-4 standards with the original profile intact. Corrosion products are removed from deep into the profile pits and leave your surface with zero water soluble salts, chlorides to provide a high cleaning surface for new coatings.

Smaller location can be flexible with the trailer

Equipment location can be very critical. UHP water jetting equipment for sale is much smaller than abrasive blasting when you remove the larger blast pots. larger compressors, many bags of sand , storage hoppers and other associated blasting system.

Economic and friendly process

Environmental requirement is an area of coating removal that is gaining more and more attention. UHP water blasting has minimal impact on the environment, health and the safety of personnel. This includes zero air pollution, less waste disposal, zero hazardous waste disposal, and less noise.

A versatile option with UHP water jetting equipment for sale in the market

Ultra high pressure water jetting can be used to remove rust, resins, chemical residues, paints and epoxies. All without the disposal measures by blasting with sand. This makes the practice an attractive option in many of the industries.

High pressure water jetting equipment for sale is less expensive than other blasting methods. This is because the costs associated with recollecting large amounts of abrasive material can become quite high. In additionally, fewer potentially harmful materials are involved in the process. There are fewer issues pertaining to containment and fewer relevant industry regulations.

The benefits of UHP water jetting equipment for sale in a good price

Environmental factor is one of the main attention of removing coatings via the practice of water jetting. Especially in potentially sensitive settings, UHP water jetting reduces the possibility of introducing waste elements into the environment.

UHP is an effective blasting solution that serves as an ideal choice when traditional methods not powerful enough. Performed at extremely high speeds with propelling high pressure. UHP water jetting equipment for sale is designed to shed corrosion and various other forms of damaging, harsh build-up.

Multi-purpose with ultra high pressure water jetting

Water blasting delivers quick and easy surface preparation, minimal equipment set-up, and safe working conditions. From a safety perspective.

Hydro blaster performs ultra high pressure blasting for assets and facilities such as storage tank. Offshore platforms, heliports, and others that are susceptible to damaging elements like salt, sand, water, paint, mold, corrosion .

UHP water jetting equipment for sale in market general Information

Water blasting provides distinct advantages over other methods of surface preparation.  Environmental concerns are reduced because no dust is created by the hydro blasting process and is therefore easier to contain.  There is less residual risk to the operator because contaminants do not become airborne. And blasters are not subject to lung injuries such as silicosis.

UHP water jetting equipment for sale excels around sensitive large intakes where grit could get into moving parts possibly shutting down a compressor or turbine.  It is also the preferred method on projects where large amounts of abrasives must be collected and disposed. 

Lead based paint projects are great water blaster applications because of the elimination of airborne dust and ease of containment.  The volume of waste is reduced since lead will not mix with water allowing operators the option of filtering lead paint chips and other contaminants.

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