What is the UHP water blasting ? What is the UHP water blasting ?

What is the UHP water blasting ?

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UHP water blasting equipment is the use of the piston pumps to amplify pressure to be used for removing dirt. And other hard deposits from surfaces including industrial equipment.

The dynamics of quick speed, pulsating water from ultra-high pressure water blasting machine produce incredible benefits for industrial cleaning.surface preparation. The energy generated by the UHP hydroblasting equipment exceeds the bonding energy. Even the most adherent scales. coatings, or process contamination.

UHP water blasting equipment combining with automated tooling..And a vast number of different nozzle configurations increase the ways you benefit. UHP water blasting machine reduces downtime, and improves safety performance. You will get the ultimate in reduced downtime and improved safety for the operator . We engineer a custom job design with experienced employees and specialty automated equipment.

Benefits of using UHP water blast machine

  • Health and Safety – Producing no dust or emissions. It is also approved for use in explosion proof place.
  • Versatile – Can be used in a range of applications for different types of industries and surface cleaning
  • Powerful – Will remove dirt and paint rust without harsh detergents, sand, or grit.
  • Efficient – Provides unmatched productivity without distorting the surface of the structure.

Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting (UHP) equipment runs up to 40,000 psi . And is the most effective and environmentally method of removing all old paint systems and contaminates.

It uses just water no abrasive materials or chemicals making it safer and more cost-effective. It can be used on external or internal areas leaving the steel surface clean and profiled ready for fresh coatings.

Ultra high pressure water jetting much cleaner process than Grit. Abrasive blasting using just freshwater and leaves less waste to be disposed of keeping disposal costs lower. Hence a lower risk of contaminating the site or area.

It is spark-free so it is the safer option for use in highly flammable industries.Such as fuel tanks.Refineries and gas storage sites. It is often the preferred choice in other industries such as Marine, Tank cleaning, Highway, Local Authority and Heritage sites.

UHP water blaster for sale

UHP Hydroblasting also known as Ultra High-Pressure (UHP) industry cleaning. Is an effective & friendly method to remove contamination from industrial structures like chimneys.Cooling towers, without the use of sand, grit, or detergents.

Many factories appreciate that UHP hydroblasting for tall structures or projects is extremely safe and more affordable than other comparable options.

Whether your project requires the removal of industrial dirt and buildup as preventative maintenance to prepare the surface of your structure for protective coatings or paint . Industrial Access can provide high-pressure washing solutions to get the job done quickly and effectively.

UHP water blasting equipment is also favored for a number of industrial cleaning.

Thanks to enhanced performance of new coatings, limited impact on the environment, and unmatched productivity .

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