Rust and paint removal system Rust and paint removal system

Rust and paint removal system with high pressure water enables high area performance in a short time and lets surfaces look like new without and pollution and damage to the surface.

Surface cleaning with hydro blasting is the renovation in one step and with minimum disposal costs.

For environmental reasons and high disposal costs of contaminated blasting material, sand blasting is being increasing replaced worldwide by high pressure water jetting technology.

Rust paint removal through water jet is the best way and efficiency for big production.

Paint removal with high pressure water jetting

Spray processes with high pressure water blasting for rust and paint removal system enable an efficient processing of the most varied metallic surfaces.

Whether it involves ships, painting cubicles or painted metal roofs.  With high pressure water jetting paint can be efficiently removed from metallic surfaces.

High pressure pumps can be combined with matching accessories and coordinated to the paint removal substrate.

By the using of high pressure guns, surface cleaners and additional abrasives, Watex offers extensive options for removing paint with high pressure water.

In comparison with pure abrasive shot blasting systems, this system has the advantage that no deformation arises in the shot blasted material.

Rust and paint removal with water blasting process the heat is removed by the water so no form-changing heat concentration occurs in the shot blasted material.

In addition, in case of paint removal with high pressure, the removed material is carried in the water and washed away.

Cleaning of painting cubicles in the automotive industry

In painting cubicles of automotive industry, so called overspray arises during the painting process.

Overspray is made up of the paint which does not adhere to the workpiece and leaks out into the environment as a spray.

The air contaminated with these paint droplets is routed via ventilation systems to cleaning units, such as water spray separators.

These exhaust air systems frequently have a large surface area and are covered with grates set in the ground of the painting cubicles. A large percentage of this overspray collects on these grates, and in the ducts leading from them.

Layer removal and paint removal from painted metal roofs

Painted metal roofs are exposed to diverse influences from the weather: Extending from high temperature cycling and build-ups of heat, through the influence of ultraviolet radiation and dirt, to mechanical influences such as hailstorms.

All these influences lead to the weathering of the paint coating over time leading to it becoming fragile and porous.

As soon as the sheet metal substrates are unprotected, they start corroding and a new coating is absolutely necessary. So that the new coating adheres securely, the old paint must be removed completely.

Before the application of a new coating (manually or with spray equipment), the market leaders of the coating and paint materials demand a complete removal, not only of the visible paint finish, but also of the priming layers and corrosion.

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