Water blasting crawler robot Water blasting crawler robot

Water blasting crawler robot

High pressure water blasting crawler robot are routinely used for ship hull maintenance. This method functions as a safe and effective method for hull cleaning method. After adopting blasting robot with water jetting equipment can remove paint and rust for ship and oil tank

Robotic water blasting for maritime industries: Due to lots of maintenance and surface preparation necessary for metal surface. Water blasting is often used for the removal of any anti-fouling, old paint, protective coating, rust or marine growth found upon a ship’s hull, deck, storage tanks, oil platforms, cargo hold and more.
Oil and gas industry: The crude oil tank has many layers by the different gravity, after long time, there are different layers of crude oil stick to the internal wall of the oil tank. In that case crawler robot can be the best option for internal wall cleaning. Besides, external paint removal for the oil tank always need crawler robot to blasting.  


Ultra high pressure water blasting crawler robot or hydro blasting robot is an industrial cleaning tool for ship and tank. Robotic water blaster uses the force of pressurized water, generated by the hydroblasting machine power source. It need coordinated working via a ultra high pressure water jetting system to achieve washing.

The crawler magnet robot hydroblasting system move by wireless remote control system start to remove the old paint and rust . In the meanwhile , we also supply abrasive blasting robot if the place lack of water or the weather is too cold.

In order to achieve the required cleaning effect on a selected surface. Metal surface which can be cleaned by hydroblasting robot includes metal or glass wall. Traditional handed water jetting gun methods are efficient. But they do present an array of problems.

High pressure water cleaning crawler robot uses ultra high pressure water blast crawler robot routinely used for ship hull maintenance. And tank external protective coating removal then start to make the new painting .

What is water blasting crawler robot used for ?

Magnet crawler water blasting robot can be used to clean industrial surfaces for various industries. The main subjective industries listed below utilize hydro blasting most often for the following purposes:

Metal works: water blasting robot can be used for eliminating stick weld slag,metal burring. Mill scale as well as rust from aged material like ship hull and oik tank external surface .

Preparation works for some giant surfaces: Hydro blasting robot can be used for cleaning away paint. Rust, grease, antifouling , salts, grime and more as effective step for maintenance or surface preparation.

Alcohol processing industries: Hydroblasting robot can be used for the cleaning the internal wall of the tank. Vessels even the bottom of the tank as well.

Oil and gas industry: The crude oil tank has many layers by the different gravity. There are different layers of crude oil stick to the internal wall of the oil tank.

In that case crawler water blasting robot can be the best option for internal wall cleaning. Besides, external paint removal for the oil tank always need crawler robot to blasting.  

Power stations: Hydroblasting robot can be used for decontamination of fuel capsules, pipes, and equipment and for removal of debris.

Robotic hydroblasting system is more flexible for oil tank ,chemical vessel and giant ship hull maintenance and repairing

Maritime industries: Due to lots of maintenance and surface preparation necessary for metal surface. Water blasting robot is often used for the removal of any anti-fouling, old paint. Protective coating, rust . Marine growth found upon a ship’s hull, deck, storage tanks, oil platforms, cargo hold and more.

General cleaning works by hydroblasting robot : maintaining public spaces, buildings and other steel structures. It also has the feature of check the situation of the high steel structure .

Hydro blasting crawler robot offers several features including hydroblasting cleaning panel and automatic lane change. Making it a preferred option for surface preparation. It has been used for surface preparation of more than 600 ships, covering an area of over 2 million ㎡.

Adopting hydroblasting robot which can liberate manual labor. And it also save the high cost and improving the working efficiency according to the integrated standard.

The most important ,it will not break the internal metal surface without any micro crack and create airborne pollution .

This cleaning functions is a safe and effective method for ship hull industry specially. Other industries like wind power generation system also adopt such magnet crawler robot system to clean .

Water blasting crawler robot is a fast and efficient alternative to sand blasting

Robotic hydroblasting cleaning uses high pressure up to 3200 bar, with an arm reaching up to 50 meters from the dock floor. You workers will benefit from the robots’ flexibility and dust free work reducing your ship’s hull treatment time significantly.

Robotic crawler hydroblasting machine is a surface preparation device with highly mobile, self-affixing surface preparation equipment. The technology emphasizes on the friendly equipment that utilized the UHP water jetting for cleaning surface .

Hydro blasting robot relies entirely on the energy of pure water striking of pressurized water directed through a 16 nozzle to impact of surface with no any media used. Hydroblasting robot is performed with maximum pressure above 40000 psi.

With our latest technology for water jetting system. It includes robotic system, hydroblasting crawlers and handheld units. We can blast over 262 ㎡ per hour. Since the method is dust free and it does not interfere with other dock work. Which can then be performed at the same time.

Watex’ office in Norway offers 24 hours technical consulting and customer service to its clients. Showcasing commitment to providing safe, environmentally, friendly, and quality robotic solutions . “Our Norway team is fully committed to supporting distributors and enhancing the user experience,”

Watex not only provides high pressure water cleaning robot but also a comprehensive package solution for robotic hydroblasting system

Hydroblasting robot system includes UHP pumps, vacuum recovery system, filtration units. Other necessary accessories , helping you decrease running costs, increase washing efficiency. And reduce environmental impact without any chemical medium and keep the safety of the operator .

Watex’s water blasting crawler robot comply with European standards and have successfully passed both the machinery directive and radio equipment directive tests. Moreover, TÜV Rheinland has granted us CE certification.”

Watex dedicates itself to delivering innovative and effective robotic solutions to the maritime industry and oil tank worldwide. With a mission to enhance human capabilities by the help of robots. Watex will continue offering the latest technological advancements in robotic solutions for work at heights, to clients worldwide.

And concerns on industrial environments issues, let’s explore these issues in the following text.

W-robot focuses on the independent research and development of intelligent specialized robots for different industries. Watex is one of the company in China to realize the industrialization of aerial working robots.

Through in-depth exploration and research of ship, chemical, energy and other industries. Our products have been successfully applied in inspection, flaw detection, cleaning, de-rusting, spraying.

Water blasting magnet robot for giant ship boat maintenance and repairing

Crawler water blasting robot for surface cleaning allows you to perform cleaning, scraping, or inspection processes on large metal surfaces. Such as giant ships, tanks, bridges, or wind turbines by using permanent magnets.

Strong magnetic adhesion enables these robots to climb vertical surfaces. It provides a flexible and effective solution for various applications. With our W-robot, you can perform HP, UHP, or robotic water blasting applications in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.

Today, there are many methods are used for ship hull cleaning and maintenance. However, many years ago ship hull maintenance was completed by hand through the utilization of scrappers. Or sand blasting. You can imagine that the job was a troublesome task that required a lot of manpower and time.

Ship hull cleaning by hand through many tools is still used today in certain situations. However, it is often eliminated when more practical, safer, and time-effective methods are available. Some of these methods include hydroblasting equipment such as high pressure water blasting crawler robot. And underwater brush karts systems magnetic robot crawlers.

Water blasting robotic system is a flexible method for ship hull and oil tank protective coating removal

In maritime, energy, and other industries, traditional surface treatments like abrasive blasting. Water jetting, and hydro blasting only rely on manual labor. However, this labor-intensive approach comes with drawbacks such as reduced efficiency, occupational hazards.

Health concerns, environmental impacts. To mitigate these challenges, you can consider Watex robotic hydroblasting system.

Watex offers significant advantages with crawler robot hydroblasting. It outperforming human labor by up to 10 times in terms of speed and stability. By utilizing high pressure water cleaning robot, you can enhance efficiency and eliminate these disadvantages.

Water blasting crawler robot helps minimize occupational risks and reduce manpower requirements. It ultimately leading to improved workplace safety, better health, reduced environmental impact, and optimized costs.

Apart from removing old coatings and rust. Ultra-high pressure water jetting also removes deeply embedded crystallized salt. Resulting in a notable reduction in the chloride levels on the surface. Which has been proved to be the single most important phase in the surface treatment operation by extensive testing.

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