Hydro jetting machine Hydro jetting machine

Hydro jetting machine

Hydro jetting machine adopts ultra high pressure stream to get the pressure to clean the surface of the material like painting and rust and cleaning the insider of the tube pipe and tank and heat exchanger

Operating pressures from 3 00bar to 3000 bar, it is ideally suited for a wide variety of cleaning work, e.g. in the chemical industry, oil and gas industries as well as in the area of ship cleaning.
The sealing water system used prevents leakage, enables an especially high durability of the high-pressure seals and counteracts the ingress of air.


Hydro jetting machine is engineered by diesel engine or electrical model with ultra high pressure water to achieve cleaning solution according to clients requirement .304 stainless steel tank and double water filter system helps extend hydro jetting equipment running life.

Available with a skid or chassis. Watex diesel model hydro jetting machine offer a host of features to provide contractors with enhanced performance, superior durability.

Watex hydro jetting machine deliver a host of engineered improvements. One of the most notable changes is the gear box update and Integrated design of the filter system helps extend equipment life and keep the UHP high pressure seals of the machine as well .

All operating system, including the adjustable valve and pressure gauge with snubber, are mounted on a separate accessory manifold, which provides additional protection for these important components of the pump.

Powerful performance and undeniable reliability are the main reasons for the new ultra high pressure hydro jetting machine as the clear choice for your high-flow applications.

Water jet pump operating pressures from 1000 bar to 3000 bar, it is ideally suited for a wide variety of cleaning work, in the chemical and mining industry and popular in the paint removal industry for the big ship .

HP sealing made by super composite material enables high durability and precision of the high pressure seals even after long times working and counteracts the ingress of air.

UHP Hydro Jetting Machine Pump Unit

  • Three – four pistons for normal pump and 5 pistons for big flow type keep the stability of the running
  •  Chang various pressures flexible with accelerating speed within one minute
  •  Diesel engine driven pump ensure the fluid end receives water at the correct pressure and flexibility

With the continuous working pressure from 1000 bar to 3000 bar with different flow rate combing varies cleaning head for tube cleaning with big flow rate and paint rust removal and cement jetting with ultra high pressure .

1) Hydrojetting Machine Anti Vibration Technology

Ultra high pressure pump (UHP) anti vibration technology reduces vibration during the pump running by 30% allowing less movement and greater control of hose and pistons.

One button stabilization technology quickly dampens any pump movement resulting from repositioning the pump with the engine or motor . This allows precise positioning of the piston and diesel engine and guarantee the cencretric running of the engine with the plunger of the pump .

With cycle times of up to 1900 per minute (at 2780 bar with 40000 psi) pump efficiency is increased up to 25% while diesel consumption is decreased by up to 10%.

  • By adopting our new swing brake tech, the pump’s plunger amplitude is reduced by 70%   
  • The gear box and the pump developed by an international team ensures precise operation and energy consumption
  • Extra reinforcements in the boom, arm, pistons and undercarriage increase stability and service life
  • Easily accessible service points and a detachable fluid end that make maintenance more easy
Hydro jetting machine

Versatile And Easy Control Panel For Hydro Jetting Machine

Control system ensure the high stability of the flow rate and continuous hydro jetting machine . It guarantee high volumetric efficiencies at high pressures in a quick speed as well.

It features for dust-proof ,the protection level reached to IP 65. Combining pump anti vibration technology ,the pump anti vibration technology reduces vibration during pumping by 50%

1) Watex Fault Self Diagnostic Technology

Continually monitors more than 100 aspects of the system during operation. Faults are displayed on the monitor. Review of the detected faults can reduce troubleshooting time by 70%.

  • Low water lever shutdown system
  • Water temperature shutdown system
  • Different pressure alarm
  • Oil pressure alarm
  • Oil temperature alarm
  • Water pressure switch to keep the pressure of the water into the pump is eligible

Hydro jetting machine

All Of The Electrical Component Parts Purchased From Schneider For Hydro Jetting Machine

  • All of the electrical components of the hydrojetting equipment adopts Schneider
  • Some control electrical component parts purchased from Siemens or the similar high quality brands .
  • Electrical parts just very small parts of the hydro jetting machine for diesel model. But we also use high quality parts in case some they break after many years working and you can find in you local side
  • The driver motor and accumulator for the diesel purchased from Bosch
Hydro jetting machine

Diesel Engine Purchased From Famous Brands

Diesel engineer as one of the important part like the hydro jetting machine. Watex hydro jetting equipment diesel engine purchased from Cummins or same quality brands ,you also can tell us the brand of the diesel engine you need, we can supply OEM service .

  • Cummins engine oil ,every 1000 hours to update
  • Service network all of the world
  • Max rotating speed 1900 rpm
  • Advanced fuel injection technology ,heat efficiency 9.8MJ/KWH
Hydro jetting machine

304 Stainless Steel Water Tank In 3 mm Thickness For High Jetting Machine

If the water tank made by plastic will break easy and if the tank made by steel ,it will rust easy and break the pump easy and increase the rating of the blockage

  • 250 gallon water tank.
  • Triple 200 gpm filters – the first in its class..
  • Water tank with no pressure filter system by Watex design.
  • Equipped with low water shutdown system and high temperature stop system.
  • Italy mechanical floating valve can eliminate the water hammer effectively
  • Allows for water to de-aerate before entering the pump, extending the life of the parts.
  • Low water level switch to prevent cavitation from water supply problems
  • Double filters insider of the stainless steel tank
Hydro jetting machine

High Performance Double Filters System For Hydro Jetting Machine

  • Three stage filters
  • 1μ standard
  • 304 stainless steel casting cover bear high pressure
  • Integrated design for the filter system
Hydro jetting machine

Smart Fluid End Conversion With Lower Maintenance

  • UHP pump fluid end can change from lower pressure to it’s max pressure within 2 mins
  • There are little consumable parts for the fluid end
  • Easy to change the consumable parts with tool
  • Lower consumable parts with lower maintenance
  • Easy to change spare parts
  • All of the HP seal made from NOK
  • When the pressure take over 1000 bar ,the whole of the unit purchased from USA
Hydro jetting machine

Max Strongest Chassis For Hydro Jetting Machine Guarantee Long Lifespan

  • Double independent frame system ,diesel and pump mounted on a separate plate
  • Design specially for surface treatment ,easy to transport and hoist
  • The plate has tool box can keep some tools and accessories easy and safe
  • Galvanized processing to meet the long term anti-corrosion requirement
  • Whole of the Chassis made by integrated welding
Hydro jetting machine

Hydraulic Reel Collection System Without Compromise As Option for long hose

  • Torsion accessory can improve the working environment and increase the working efficiency
  • It extend the lifetime of the high pressure tube
  • All of the high pressure hose made in Sweden or USA.
  • Combining the hydraulic system it can collect the long soft tube in a good situation
  • And maximize the lifetime of the tube ,especially for the sewer and drain cleaning which need long length tube
Hydro jetting machine

Application Industry Cleaning With Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Hydro Jetting Machine

Ultra high pressure hydro jetting machine uses pressure water from 1000 bar to 3000 bar used to clean the drain and sewer and tube insider cleaning with 3D cleaning nozzle , it also can be used for paint and rust removal for ship hull .

This method is perfect for internal and external surface cleaning because the spray gun operator is able to access those “hard to reach” areas .

Besides, due to its strong water spray, the user can keep a safe distance from the surface being cleaned.

One of the major differences between hydro jetting machine and other cleaning abrasives is the ability to contain, capture, filter and reuse the water. This eliminates waste water and contaminants after the cleaning.

Underwater robot ship bottom cleaning with water jetting

The purpose of underwater ship wall cleaning is to remove biological roughness or fouling. A build up of marine fouling can lead to increased drag. Resulting in a detrimental impact on a vessel’s hydrodynamic performance and hence the relationship between speed. High performance and fuel consumption. Fouling, particularly in the case of a prolific build-up of hard or shell fouling like barnacles or tubeworm. It can cause turbulence, cavitation and noise, frequently affecting the performance of sonars, speed logs and other hull mounted sensors.

Proper cleaning removes all traces of fouling and does not damage the coating or cause any increased surface roughness. Underwater cleaning is performed either by a diver with high pressure cleaning pump or by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) controlled from land.

Applicability and assumptions with hydro jetting machine

Hull cleaning is applicable for all vessel types and ages. Depending on the degree and type of fouling to be removed a diver can typically clean 300 to 400 ㎡ per hour of flat surfaces. The operation will be performed during normal ship stops (bunkering , anchorage) . The fuel reductions depend on the extent to which the hull is fouled.

Reduction potential
Depending on the degree of marine fouling, vessel size, vessel segment. The operation profile and trading areas a reduction in the range of 1% to 5 % on main engine fuel consumption can be expected.

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