What is the industry high pressure washer ? What is the industry high pressure washer ?

What is the industry high pressure washer ?

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Industry high pressure washer water blasting is a widespread water discharge operation with high pressure cleaning machine to cleaning some hard material stick to the surface of the material. Industry high pressure cleaning machine is the method, by which a pressure stream of water is used to remove old paint, rust, rubber, chemicals without causing any damage to the surface .

Watex has a range of advanced pumps and manual and robotic equipment to carry out high pressure water blasting work. Exerting pressures from 10000 psi to 40,600 psi . Being the water jetting experts .We use automated water jetting equipment where it is possible to increase productivity . And protect our operators from associated high pressure jetting reaction forces.

Industry high pressure washer is versatile for many industries cleaning

Industry high pressure washer use water pressurized out of a hose at up to 40000psi to achieve the surface preparation.

Then it can be used as the tool for rust removal ,old paint removal, road marking removal . The paint on the steel structure and surface of the oil tank even the rubber insider of the tank with 3D cleaning head . and airfield rubber removal for the airport .

Industry high pressure cleaning machine uses water in the hose so that it can spray out of the nozzle at a pressurized rate of up to 40,000 psi .

This method uses industry high pressure cleaning machine with streams of water to remove virtually all build up and debris in tanks and lines.

Industry high pressure cleaner

Industry high cleaning machine is an environmentally friendly way to clean unwanted residues that builds up on various surfaces. Using a industry high pressure washer to varnish surfaces. Cleaning containers and refurbish concrete, the pressure can be adjusted according to cleaning different materials .

It is not like chemical or sandblasting will bring lots contaminant to the environmental . Ultra high pressure water jetting can achieve the clear surface in a good situation.

If you’ve ever experienced old paint need to removal, then you can consider hydro blasting machine firstly ,it is environmental .

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