Hydrojetting machine Hydrojetting machine

Hydrojetting machine

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Hydrojetting machine is blasting equipment widely used for removing coating materials, like rust old paint , protective coating and hard blockage inside of the pipe or tank. Including drilling pipe and gas oil pipe jetting ,tank and chemical vessel internal and external cleaning . They accumulated contamination and dirt buildup on surfaces as well as blockages on pipes using high velocity pressure water through a cleaning head .

A typical hydro jetting system consists of the following: pressure pump. The correct nozzle type to deliver the intended water stream to the area to be cleaned. Waste handling equipment, work area enclosure and other accessories.

Hydro jetting equipment is basically power washing machine with water, set at parameters appropriate for the intended use. The water stream’s flow rate, speed, shape, direction. The pressure are mainly determined by the type of jet nozzles and the operating pressure.

Many types of nozzles of hydrojetting machine for different useage

Different types of nozzles, in terms of design and material used, are available for various applications. Among the commonly used nozzle designs are the following:

Flat jet nozzles have a wide, slot-shaped hole that creates a water jet in a triangular, fan-shaped spray pattern.

Hydrojetting machine nozzles have a round hole that releases a precise, focused water jet. It is a penetrating nozzle that has a much higher impact than flat jet nozzles. And is often used in cleaning pipes, tanks, filters and component parts, and removing concrete or rust.

Rotating nozzles have a rotating portion that sprays to the sides as well as straight ahead. This is the best nozzle for cleaning pipe walls after dislodging blockages.

Hydro jetting systems operate at pressures of as low as 5100 pounds per square inch (psi) to as high as 40,600psi (280 MPa). Also it depending on the work to be done, then we can adjust the pressure valve to the reasonable pressure you need .

Each of the above types of nozzles has several variations to best fit specific requirements.

After we said lots of water jetting , what is hydrojetting ? In the first sentence, we said that can be used for surface cleaning and pipe washing . but it is more be used for internal pipe or tube cleaning . Hydrojetting machine used employs intense water pressure to remove all debris and elements clogging the pipes.

The hydro jetting system is efficient in removing stubborn material from the surface of the material. Most hydro jet machines come with 300 bar . The pressure of the jetting machine is crucial as it calculates the amount of pressure needed for cleaning. Therefore, the pressure of the machine is an essential factor when looking at clearing out stubborn debris and materials from your pipes and drainage.

In terms of materials used, the three most common jet nozzles are carbide, steel and sapphire nozzles. According to industry experts . The useful life of a jet nozzle is greatly affected by the quality of the water to be used and the operating pressure.

Carbide nozzles – The most durable material for dirty, unfiltered water and operating pressures below 140 MPa (20,000 psi).

Steel nozzles – Recommended if water passes through 25 microns or finer filters, and operates below 140 MPa.

Sapphire nozzles – Sapphire is brittle; requires clean water filtered through 10 microns or better. And operating pressures above 140 mpa (20,000 psi) to have the least wear-out.

Hydrojetting machine wearing out also results in the deterioration of jet quality and effectiveness.

Hydro jetting machine not only deal with surface preparation. It also can be used for the tube and pipe internal blasting to get the hard material from the metal tube , like concrete from the pipe . There is no other equipment can instead .

Hydrojetting machine consists of the following parts, pressure pump. High pressure hose and nozzle type to deliver the intended water stream to the area to be cleaned.

Hydrojetting equipment operates at pressures of as low as 5,000 psi to as high as 40,000 psi. The cleaning pressure depend on what material you want to clean .

And the flow rate up to the thickness of the layers you need to clean , or the diameter of the pipe need to clean .

Hydrojetting is a tool for cleaning the inner walls of pipes from blockages, growths, minerals, debris, and tree roots. Due to this reason, the plumber uses high pressure water jet for pipe cleaning specially. The pressure of the hydro jetting unit is adjustable from 5,000 to 40,000 psi. This procedure is none invasive, meaning that hydro jetting unit will not break the pipe .

Many benefits of hydrojetting machine

  • Hydrojetting machine is suitable for removing stubborn and hard blockages that cannot be removed by drain snaking.
  • Hydro blast do not require digging to access the pipe. It is gentle and takes little time to clean.
  • No chemicals are used to dissolve blockages. This makes the cleaning results safe for the environment.
  • Hydro jetting can removes everything that gets in the way of the jet. And it can wash the walls of the pipes after cleaning look like new.
  • Not only will your system be flushed clean, but it also does it quickly and thoroughly. Hydro jetting will not only rid you of the grease, gunk. And debris that have clogged your system, but it will also clean the wall of your pipe. In addition, there is virtually little material that hydro jetting cannot pulverize.

Sometimes, we should know what material of the pipe and how many years of the pipe ? Do not use water jet cleaning on old or cracked pipes. If the pipe too old , we do not suggest high pressure water can damage pipes and lead to more serious problems.

There are some contraindications when you using hydro jetting unit. The professional workers will evaluates the condition of the pipes. The material from which they are made, and the degree of contamination. Based on above , will adjusts the pressure value.

Water Jetting machine vs snake

Snaking is another standard method used to clear surface or pipe. The snake is used to fix simple clogs such as those left by hair, small debris, and contamination.

The pressurized water jetting that the water jet machine uses will unclog the debris that was causing the issue and clear the surrounding debris. The water will not only solve the problem at hand but perhaps future problems that may arise. Both pressure and flow rate action separate a water jet system from other standard plumbing solutions on the market.

This is especially helpful for buildings with plumbing systems that are difficult to navigate, such as older buildings. However, know that older buildings often have pipes that are too fragile, so you can’t use water jetting to eliminate a clog because it can damage or destroy the pipe. In this case, the only solutions would be to use snaking or have a new pipe installed.

Sewer line cleaning and tree roots removal with hydro jetting equipment

In addition to the deal with debris that usually clogs up pipe system, also will face some more severe issues that need hydro jetting. One of the most challenging issues that may arise is a clogged sewer line due to tree roots. Tree roots grow thick, and they grow long. So, they can stop your sewer line and cause extensive damage to your home, yard, and pipes. In addition, tree roots in your sewer line will cause blockage and generate backflow.

Water jetting machine and its water pressure are strong and intense. As a result, the machine can cut and move tree roots that are blocking your sewage system. However, it is essential to get to tree roots early enough to ensure that the water pressure will remove the root.

Hydro jetting will be environmental

Hydrojetting machine is also good for the environment. Many times, when a drain or a pipe is clogged, harsh chemicals and products are used to break up whatever caused the clog. Unfortunately, these materials are bad for the environment.

Many people use hydro jet their sewage lines and pipes once or twice a year as a preventive measure. Although some issues and problems are unforeseeable, preventive measures such as hydro jetting can save you both headaches and save the cost. Furthermore,depending on how you care for your pipes after water jetting. Your system can remain clear of debris for several months, if not longer.

The water pressure from hydro jetting is so powerful that it can remove almost any sort of obstruction in your water lines. No matter what type of blockage you’re dealing with. Hydro-jetting can take care of the job because using this technique allows plumbers to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

Water jetting machine worth the cost

In addition to all the other benefits, hydrojetting machine is also cost effective. Compared with snaking, hydro jetting can seem more expensive at first glance. However, if you calculate the costs involved based on all of your options, hydro jetting is more cost effective in the long run.

Due to the extensive cleaning you get when you hydro blasting , your pipes will stay clear of debris for a more extended period. Therefore, the longer your lines and drain remain unclogged, the least likely you will need professional service.

There are just as many ways to remedy this problem as there are causes. The solution that we will be discussing in this post is hydro jetting. Which uses pressurized water to eliminate sludge buildup in your drain pipes. Hydro jetting has several advantages over other forms of clog removal. With this in mind, here are some of the best hidden advantages of water jetting .

Hydro jetting machine is versatile tool  

In addition to being versatile in various settings, water jetting is also useful for clogs, both big and small, as well as everything in between. If you are dealing with a serious buildup of grease in your drains. Water jetting can remove large amounts of sludge, which isn’t possible with snaking. Water jetting can also work if tree roots are blocking your plumbing.

Some of the types of pipes that hydrojetting machine works for include steel, cast steel pipe, clay, resin-based, and cement pipes for sewage.

As for the list of particles that can build up in your pipes, hydro jetting can handle soap residue, sand, waste,and mud, just to name a few. Hydro jetting can get the job done whether you are dealing with a small bathroom clog or an intense factory backup.

Avoiding this outcome means that you won’t have to destroy nature just to eliminate a clog. By doing this, you can preserve your soil, prevent a huge mess in your yard. And let nature coexist peacefully with your home.

Hydrojetting machine is a quick method

Dealing with the material insider of the pipe or sewer is going to be a messy one. Your plumber does the dirty work for you, but you should still consider the sanitation aspect of this process.

If your uses traditional methods of clog removal. Then raw sewage will leave your pipes and come into contact with your plumber, and the surrounding area.

Luckily, since hydrojetting machine doesn’t involve taking materials out of your pipes and the debris is just washed down the drain. No one has to come into contact with raw sewage.

Not only does this hinder the ability of bacteria to spread. But it also means that water jetting is a much faster process than other methods of unclogging.

The absence of harsh chemicals puts hydro jetting ahead of other techniques for unclogging drains. And it also makes it a safe practice for people who live by large bodies of water to use. Since water jetting involves no chemicals. People who live by rivers and lakes won’t have to worry about hazardous runoff materials when they’re trying to unclog their pipes.

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