Hydro jetting heat exchanger Hydro jetting heat exchanger

Hydro jetting heat exchanger

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Hydro jetting heat exchanger thoroughly and efficiently with high pressure water blasting . Deposits get lodged in the heat exchanger tubing, reducing the efficiency of heat transfer. Any reduction can result in higher expenditures for the operator.

Heat exchanger is device that transfer thermal energy from one substance to the other. The substances flow through the heat exchanger in the same, contrary or crossed direction. In  most case heat exchangers are made of metal, but there are also heat exchangers made of enamel, plastic, glass, silicon carbide, copper, aluminum or steel, especially stainless steel.

They have the form of pipes , normally water,thermal oil, molten salt or liquid metal are used as heat carrier.

High pressure hydro jetting pipe cleaning can be offered with specially designed accessories for heat exchanger cleaning . In this application, cleaning the inside diameter of the condenser and heat exchanger tubes. Removing the pit speaks exposes the pit and permits flushing out of the acidic deposits, retarding the pitting action. This special cleaning process increases the efficiency of the condenser, as well as the life of the tube. This high pressure method is faster and more effective in removing deposits than brushes.

Cleaning heat exchanger with hydro jetting saving downtime

Cleaning process can be increased efficiency and much energy saved by regular and residue free cleaning of heat exchangers. Technical requirements and local conditions vary and are to be taken into account there already in the planning of the cleaning:

Very large total surfaces with at times complicated geometric structure, e.g. U-shaped pipes or small bore pipes with only 12 mm diameter

Wide range of deposits with often very hard cover layers with hydro jetting heat exchanger

In some cases,internal and external cleaning is necessary, it is not possible to clean the heat exchanger on the spot . There is too little space or there is no more better way to choose.

The cleaning task can be completed as quickly as possible so that production can be restarted immediately.

Liquid media often contain dirt and baked on components, e.g. carbonates, minerals, oxides, burned chemicals or deposits of oils .

Hydro jetting heat exchanger

High pressure water jetting heat exchangers comparing with other cleaning ways

Each cleaning method has its benefits and drawbacks.Hydro jetting heat exchanger can be used everywhere for heat exchanger . For internal and external cleaning as well as for very different surfaces, media and coatings. In comparison, other cleaning methods have considerable drawbacks in terms of applicability, cleaning results and cost.

Chemical washing in acid baths is very complicated and requires enormous baths and not environmental as well . Ultrasonic cleaning takes time and is not effective in reaching into indentations. Sandblasting is abrasive and involves high material and disposal costs. Mechanical drilling is complicated and only suitable for straight pipes.

Heat exchangers are vital components in plants in the chemical or other industrial . Heat exchanger downtime means lost production and lost revenues and everything stopped due to the heat exchanger.

Hence, it is mandatory to have a heat exchanger in good working condition at all time.

It is required to clean internal and external tube bundles and remove hard deposits in internal pipes by hydro jetting .

Hydro blasting will improve the operating efficiency and increase the flow rate of pipe system back to its original condition.

Our aim is to increase your production with our services and technology through cleaning efficiency and time saving at shutdowns.

To improve the performance of heat exchangers require that the tubes be cleaned periodically. Each time the tube deposits, sedimentation, bio fouling and obstructions are removed. The tube surfaces are returned almost to bare metal, providing the tube itself with a new life cycle.

Water jetting save the cost

Consideration of cost saving, some people use chemicals cleaning method or mechanical cleaning methods for tube cleaning of heat exchanger. But this type of conventional methods is expensive in long period, takes longer for the operation to be completed. And the subsequent disposal of the chemicals, an environmental hazard, creates its own set of problems. In chemicals cleaning method . It has been found quite frequently that some residual material will still need to be removed by mechanical cleaning methods. During this kind of conventional methods of cleaning, there is also a gradual erosion of tube metal. Which ultimately reduces the life of heat exchanger tubes.

To avoid such type of problems, high pressure water blasting pumps like hydro jetting pipe cleaning are most appropriate solution for heat exchanger tube cleaning. Waterjetting pumps are user friendly and clean the hard scale deposits from the tubes very effectively in a lesser time.

Hydro jetting heat exchanger

Operation of hydro jetting machine for heat exchanger

Over a period of time scale builds up and acid pockets form, causing pitting in heat exchangers and condenser. This process, knows as biofouling, increasingly reduces the efficiency of the tubes. Recommended cleaning is at least twice a year to minimize pitting.

Shell side bundle puller and heat exchanger cleaning system with high pressure water cleaning for power station . Chemical plants and oil refineries .

Heat exchangers are important and common components of plants in the power station . Chemical plants and oil industry . In the food industry ,economic aspects and quality requirement’s demand very well cleaned heat exchangers with hydro blasting heat exchanger.

This method of cleaning heat exchangers with high pressures water from 800 bar to 2,800 bar . It is becoming more and more popular due to economic, environmental and energy related aspects. Virtually all types of heat exchanger and boiler tubes can be cleaned with high pressure water .

The shell side bundle cleaner is a fully automated system . That allows the operator to be sitting comfortable inside a fully enclosed cabinet.

Operator can control all aspects of the cleaning from a safe working environment .but the budget of this machine is too high ,sometimes not accepted by companies .

Hydro jetting heat exchanger

High pressure water cleaning different types heat exchangers made by varies of material

Hydro jetting heat exchanger cleaning , condenser, evaporator tube . And pipe cleaning and high pressure water blaster for evaporator tube cleaning .Condenser tube cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning and various pipe cleaning applications.

These heat carriers block the heat exchangers from time to time. Hence they need regularly a thorough cleaning from inside and outside.

Water jetting technology is the established method. Water blasting heat exchanger that are adjustable in the parameters working pressure . Water amount, temperature and nozzle sizes, can achieve outstanding cleaning results.

when you have to remove oil residues it is ideal to use water blasting heat exchanger up to 2800 bar . When you have to remove hard rust you need more pressure and a more aggressive water jet with special nozzles. But you have to be careful not to damage the heat exchanger. For this reason we recommend to start with low water pressure and little water amount and then increase both slowly. And refer to our cleaning suggestion as well .

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