Hydro blasting system Hydro blasting system

Hydro blasting system

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Hydro blasting system we also called hydro blasting unit is a high pressure water cleaning system that uses up to 40000 psi water to remove dirt and chemical material from surfaces.

Industrial surface cleaning includes the ability to remove the coating from concrete, ships and marine structures with steel or fiberglass. Profiling of concrete on various structures for overcoating or overlaying of epoxy coatings and concrete.

Old and weak concrete must be removed and replaced before a surface is properly prepared. Hydro blasting system will remove concrete in a safe and environmentally .Without dust or vibrations are created by water demolition so that a accurate area can be made for new construction without disturbing nearby structures.

When removing asbestos or lead paints like road marking, containment is of the highest importance. Certain equipment can solve this problem. Hydro blasting equipment with vacuum recovery do not need to clean up or contain the surface runoff . Because it retrieves both the water and the contaminants so the environment is unaffected.

Benefits And Working Costs Of Hydro Blasting System

Decontamination includes the removal of any oils, grease. or wax which can be harder to remove depending on their viscosity and the permeability of the surface. Getting the proper cleaning for area hard to reach surfaces with a chemical cleaning process can be difficult. But hydro blasting machine can give a clean finish for hard to reach places.

At the same time, hydro blasting machine can be precise in its pressure controlled by the plc. Robotically controlled hydro blasting system make industrial surface preparation safe for the material. The water pressure can be set to a certain range required to get the job finished cleaning. And removed but also be gentle enough but not damage the surface.

Hydro blasting is a well-known cleaning technique that can be used for a wide variety of applications. For the most part, it’s used for cleaning thick dirt, debris ,oil deposit even paint . From the inside of a tank to a large area of ship, hydro blasting can be used to clean a variety of surfaces.

Hydro blasting system

Hydro Blasting Equipment For Surface Preparation

Essentially, hydroblasting equipment is a high pressure form of pressure washing unit. There is strong form of pressure blasting water out from a pressurized area at a high speed can result in incredible force to achieve surface cleaning.

Advantages with hydro blasting system

UHP hydro blasting unit does not require harmful chemicals or dangerous substances. So there’s no risk any of damaging the environment.

Hydro blasting system is quick and efficient. reducing the downtime of cleaning instead of having to deal with standard industrial cleaning solutions.water blasting have the job done in no time at all.

Hydro jetting system is an efficient method that requires far less time than standard demolition with mechanical tools. Additionally, dust and debris are far easier to clean up than with standard demolition techniques.

Hydro blasting unit is the only way for soluble salts to be removed. Normal abrasive blasting does not release the contaminants trapped in small crevasses.

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