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Hydro blaster

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Hydro blaster is the cleaning method use high pressure stream of water up to 3000 bar or 40000 psi to achieve the cleaning . It is used to remove old paint, rust, airfield rubber, sugar refinery ,gas and oil industry ,offshore cleaning and heat exchanger jetting.

Hydro blaster machine is perfect for internal and external surfaces cleaning because the spray gun is able to access those “hard to reach” areas. And because of its high pressure water spray, the user keep a safe distance from the surface being cleaned.

Hydro blaster pumps for the pressures ranging from 5000psi-40000psi . This pressure range meet the various cleaning requirements of most industrial applications like metallurgy casting cleaning, tank cleaning, vessel cleaning .

High pressure and flow both play key roles in efficient hydro blaster machine. Typically, hardened deposits respond better to higher pressures, and softer materials are best removed with higher flows.

Each application is unique, though, Watex can help you to choose the most appropriate hydro blasting machine for your specific application.

Use of hydro blaster in the Construction Industry

High pressure hydro blaster machine known as hydrojetting or high pressure blaster, is the process of spraying pressurized water onto a surface to remove surface material and contaminants.

Film and abrasive (including paint from metal surfaces, walls and asphalt; rubber from airport runways, road marking , sealants and membrane from concrete, and even gum, graffiti and pollution from payments) are eradicated by the force that water generates.

If your cleaning requirement is high Pressure, high Volume output machine, then your answer is industry high pressure cleaner. Hydroblaster pressure washer equipment is ideal for specialized Service providers, construction companies, renovators and for Industries.

High pressure water cleaning is the use of hydro blaster between 5,000 psi to 40000 psi remove grime, loose paint, mud, mold, dust and other types of stubborn dirt on the surfaces of tanks, buildings, vehicles, streets, bridges, pipes and many more items

Applications of hydro blaster pressure washer machine :

  • Old paint removal
  • Ship hull cleaning
  • Hydro demolition( water jetting cement)
  • Chloride removal from concrete
  • Asbestos removal with high pressure
  • Pool refurbishment
  • Metallurgy casting cleaning
  • Removal of blockage or deposit in pipe
  • Rust cleaning
  • Marine surface preparation
  • Kiln cleaning in cement plant
  • Pavement overlay removal
  • Concrete surface preparation
  • Tank cleaning with 3D cleaning head
  • Deburring with high pressure water jet
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