Hydro blaster machine Hydro blaster machine

Hydro blaster machine

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Hydro blaster machine has become more common day by day through ultra high pressure water often replacing the sand blasting. The uses of hydro blaster machine vary from paint and grease removal, tank cleaning and heat exchangers.

Hydro blaster machine fairly simple to operate, they can be dangerous if not properly used. The pump unit is used to increase the water pressure up to 40,000 psi.

This pressurized water is pumped through ultra high pressure hose and discharged through a pipe called a lance which has the nozzle at the end. Water blaster machine is one of the most versatile industrial cleaning tool available today.

Benefits of hydro blaster machine

Comparing with abrasive cleaning methods, hydro blaster machine tends to be more safe and result in less pollution . In contrast to sand blasting method, hydro jetting tends to be more safer and result in less cleanup.

Even though the operator working area surrounded with the high-pressure water is dangerous. With our enough safety precautions and methods adopts, all of the injuries can be eliminated.

Water blaster machine can focus on smaller areas that difficult-to-reach or sensitive surfaces. Because it can be targeted, you can remove coating or rust in one place without damaging neighboring surfaces.

Many advantages of hydro blasting machine

Hydro blaster machine cleaning efficiency faster than sand blasting machine. It also significantly reduces clean-up cost since there is no extra media collection and disposal. The result is a obviously reduction of time to complete the same project.

There is no toxic chemical or contaminant used in hydro blasting. All the work is done by high pressure water eliminating the substance. This makes it more environmentally and friendly.

Hydro blast machine is very powerful. The combination of water and air pressure does not cause damage to the structural components. Other methods will cause vibrations creating micro-fractures that increase the risk of cracking or deterioration.

Water jetting machine is also can be used for cleaning the surface of the machine instead of the chemical maintenance to optimize operation conditions. It always improving asset longevity.

Hydro blaster machine has the ability to adapt to the requirements of almost any space and be completed in place where traditional sand blasting cannot. Without dust pollution by water jetting , hydro blasting also safe for use in explosive environments.

Hydro blaster machine for surface preparation

Hydro blaster machine is a form of pressure washing. There is a much blasting water out from a pressurized area at a high speed can result in incredible force. In fact, this force is so great that it can completely remove any surface material, even cut the concrete.

When using water blaster machine for surface preparation, there are lots of benefits than chemical cleaning. Hydro blaster machine does not use harmful chemicals or dangerous substances with the water to clean . So there is no risk of damaging the environment, or the surrounding area.

Hydro blaster machine is quick and efficient. It reduces the downtime of the machine maintenance in general. No serious damage will be caused to the surface that’s being cleaned by hydro blasting. Though there’s a lot of pressure used, water is ultimately harmless when in the hands of an experienced hydro blaster.

Main advantages of hydro blaster machine

Due to the use of pure water , hydro blasting reduces the amount of dust produced by the abrasive blasting process. It is the key advantage of wet blasting. It protects the operative, adjacent working parties and any dust sensitive plant from fine.

The presence of water means that there is more mass at the point of impact. These forces also provide a suitable. feathered edge where if the new coating is to interface with a sound, existing coating.

Water blaster machine can strip the surface and clean it at the same time. Hydro blaster machine does not completely remove sparks, but does create ‘cold’ sparks. essentially removing the static and thus reducing the risk of explosion comparing with sand blasting.

Ultra high pressure water blaster machine can clean some of the toughest materials in your facility. Hydro blaster machine is a powerful equipment that is used for cleaning surfaces both inside and outside. Using the force of highly pressurized water alone, this machine can removes built up grime.

Unlike other cleaning methods, water blaster machine does not use sand. which can create issues with dust need more disposal requirements for the spent sand. Instead, it uses a pressure pump and the right cleaning head to shoot water out at pressures above 15,000 psi for cleaning .

Safety concerns with water blaster machine

Hydro blaster machine is strong tools, so to avoid potential injuries. It is important that they are used properly the operator who have the requisite knowledge regarding to start the machine and supply the maintenance.

Ultra High Pressure Water is a powerful tool that maintain the efficiency, production, and capacity of process equipment. High pressure water blaster equipment and processes replace many of the manual cleaning methods of old. 

High pressure blasting machine use a high velocity stream of water to jet .such as residue that collects inside pipes or vessels. This includes high pressure water blasting systems used at lower pressures and high volume. Ultra high pressure jetting with hydro blaster– greater than 30,000 psi

Safety measures for hydroblaster machine

If water pressurized at 40,000 PSI. It can cut through any material. And it is dangerous during the working, lots of thing need to take care before water jetting. Hydro blaster machine need the highest safety precautions.

High pressure water that passed through the hose and fittings makes them increasingly susceptible to damage. So, before hydro blasting, additional examination of hose and fitting must be completed frequently and replaced if there is any sign of wear.

Hydro blasting machine is a strong equipment. so to avoid potential injuries, it is vital that they are used properly by worker who have the enough knowledge before start the machine.

High pressure water cleaning is using pressurized stream that can have a velocity greater than that of a 45-caliber bullet. So, extreme caution and strict compliance with procedures must be used to prevent the jet stream from striking the operator.

Personal protective suits and related accessories are necessary for hydro blaster machine. High pressure water jetting that is exposed to water spray or reflected material will wear a raincoat. Also including rubber pants, safety glasses. hardhat with face shield, rubber boots and gloves.
The following safety accessories are necessary for personal protective equipment that will be equipped the employees :

  • Face shields
  • Protective Suit
  • Gloves
  • Rubber steel boot

Sometimes, during water blasting, the safety equipment could be contaminated by hazardous chemicals. appropriate additional protection should be adopts, like when you collect them should check any damaged and guarantee it is dry before you packing them .Doing above will extend the lifespan of those accessories .

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