High pressure water jetting system High pressure water jetting system

High pressure water jetting system

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High pressure water jetting system is widely used for surface cleaning which adopts ultra high pressure water stream propelled in a velocity to remove contaminants and other debris by hydro blasting .

The force of the fast moving water as it hits a material’s surface is powerful enough to remove unwanted layers of old coatings. Which in turn prepares the surface for subsequent operations such as applying primers and paints.

Despite these advantages, the recovery system for the water is important because some surface debris can be hazardous to the environment. And may need to be contained and disposed of in accordance with environmental laws.

Features of ultra high pressure water jetting system

High pressure water jetting system can be used to remove debris on a variety of surfaces. Polymers, wood, concrete, steel pipes, copper statues and aluminum extrusions can all be cleaned by ultra high pressure waterjetting system . It should be noted, however, that care must be taken to adjust the pressure according to the material being cleaned. The water pressure that is required for cleaning steel pipes will be much different from the pressure for cleaning wood surfaces.

Ultra high pressure waterjetting equipment is most often used to clean substrates prior to coating. Because without surface preparation, coatings can often fail prematurely.

Ultra high pressure water blasting system forces water out of a blasting gun at high velocities. Pump in the hydro blasting system obtain water from a reservoir. And place it under pressure in specially designed hoses that go from the reservoir to the exit orifice of the gun. A trigger mechanism on the hydro blasting gun opens and closes a valve. When the valve is open the pressurized water is released and projected at the material’s surface.

What does ultra high pressure water jetting system mean?

Ultra high pressure hydro blasting machine holds several advantages over other types of cleaning processes. Water blasting does not use hazardous chemicals. And abrasive media blasting can cause residual solids to accumulate, creating an disorderly work environment.

Water jet blasting machine is used to direct high pressure streams of water against a surface to clean . The steams of water released by water jetting and water blasting equipment can exceed 40,000 psi.

High pressure water jetting system is a widespread water discharge operation with hydro blasting. A high pressure stream of water (2000 bar or more) is used to remove old Paint . Rust, rubber, chemicals or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it.

How does high pressure water jetting system work?

Water blast uses a narrow, high pressure water jetting system of hot or cold water to blast dirt free. Because the water is traveling fast . it hits the dirty surface with high strong energy. Knocking dirt and dust away like a constant rain of tiny hammer blows. It’s only water, though, so it doesn’t damage most hard surfaces.

High pressure water blasting system , or water blast cleaning, is a widely used process for the removal of material, coating. And contamination from the surface of a work piece. A special nozzle is used to break up the water stream into small droplets, which impact the surface of the coating.

What is the high pressure water jetting system used for?

The use of high pressure water blasting machine has increased in a wide variety of industrial applications . Including abrasive water jet cutting, concrete demolition, pipe cleaning, surface prep and cleaning, tank/vessel cleaning and tube cleaning.

Water jet blasting machine is simply the practice of using highly pressurized water to remove a coating or contaminant from a substrate.

What is the minimum pressure for ultra high pressure water blasting system ?

High pressure water jetting system consist of a high-pressure pump, hoses, and various accessories. The hydraulic hoses used must have a bursting strength 2.5 times the maximum-rated operating capacity. Therefore, a 2780 bar (40,000 psi) unit requires hoses with a minimum bursting strength of 4,250 bar (62,500 psi).

Water jet blasting machine can use the high pressure to remove the concrete from the pipe and paint from the ship hull and tank. The max pressure we always use 3000 bar ,but the continuous working pressure will be 2500-2780 bar that will be enough for most surface preparation.

High pressure water blasting machine is a smart unit that can remove the rust and old painting. Even can be used for cement removal with ultra high pressure water with big flow rate. UHP water blast machine is an effective sewer cleaning method. This is the most reason why you would need to consider a water jetting if you are dealing with with pipe blockage.

Water blasting is a pipe cleaning technique that properly releases any clogs in your drain or sewer line. Water blasting system is a unit in which highly pressurized water is used to clean and maintain pipes and drains. As metals are often used in industrial settings in the form of tanks, pipes, and other equipment, much of these tools are at risk of corrosion.

High pressure water jetting system remove corrosion

Corrosion of industrial equipment can be extremely costly to a company if not dealt with. Over time, corrosion can weaken the efficiency of storage tanks, industrial pipes, and more.

At the very least, this can be extremely costly as the equipment will need to be replaced. In industrial terms, this has the potential to contaminate substances that come into contact with the corrosion or rust.

However, rust and corrosion don’t have to be permanent, and corroded metals don’t need to be replaced to be resolved. If you’re searching for a solution to remove corrosion, we have just the technique with water blasting system.

Effective method to remove corrosion with high pressure water jetting system

The traditional method of removing corrosion from steel and other metals is known as sand blasting. Understanding how to remove corrosion effectively and without causing further corrosion is an expertise of ours. However, this can cause corrosion later down the line due to the use of chemicals and salts involved in this method. Particularly if the surface is to be re-painted.

This method of removing corrosion also allows for effective surface preparation so that a surface can be painted without an issue. High pressure water jetting system is able to tackle corrosion and remove rust from metal using only water. And leaving minimal mess and meaning that there are no compounds left on the surface to cause further corrosion.

How to Remove Corrosion With Ultra High Pressure Cleaning?

Corrosion can be extremely hard to remove due to it being so tough and brittle. However, high pressure water jetting system makes the task of corrosion removal incredibly easy and time efficient. However, hydroblasting equipment is becoming more and more popular as a choice for industrial cleaning.

There is little that water cannot clean or remove. And we would argue that it is the best rust remover for metal and overall corrosion removal tactic.

When attempting to remove corrosion, the last thing you want to do is create more corrosion in the future. Using high pressure water jetting, however, is an extremely efficient method for removing corrosion.

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