High pressure water cleaning pump High pressure water cleaning pump

High pressure water cleaning pump

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High pressure water cleaning pump is a safe and effective machine for interior and exterior tank, ship , heat exchangers and pipe and vessels washing. This is by far the most common industrial cleaning equipment can be applied to every process plant and customer facility.

The process itself removes various deposits, fouling and other material by using water at varying pressures and flow rates . High pressure water pump washing or blasting can restore process or get the original situation. Thereby it as the good method for reducing customers’ operating costs.

High pressure water cleaning pump jet unit uses a variety of pressures. Ranging between 14,500 to 40,000 psi at a rate of 25 to 1000LPM. Ultra high pressure (36,000 to 40,000 psi) blasting equipment is also used where needed for lots of industry including petrochemical. And ship hull and rubber making industries .

Ultra high pressure (UHP) water jet unit also can be used for vessel cleaning involves the removal of sludge and residual products from the interior of storage tanks to allow inspection repair .

High pressure water jet unit for tank and vessel jetting

Contaminates can easily build up on the interior surface of a tank. And on the agitator blade which affects the efficiency of the tank. Guarantee that your tank is kept into the highest standard will prevent a lower efficiency of your production process.

Tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So it is important to tailor the cleaning operation depending on the size and sharp of tank. Watex high pressure water jet unit can adopts the 3D cleaning head combing with normal lance with rotate cleaning head to guarantee the cleaning completely whatever the size of sharp of the tank we met .

High pressure water cleaning pump is also an ideal solution when a tank’s opening door too small . It do not allow a person entry in the first place.

The key to productive tank cleaning is to maximize the coverage of the interior walls by the high pressure water. This is done by a 3-D head with rotating nozzles.

High pressure water pump attached to a lance that is inserted through the tank opening. The reaction force of the high-pressure water causes the high velocity nozzles to spin vertically. While the head rotates horizontally. resulting in 360°coverage of the tank’s interior. The water jets can even get into hard-to-reach corners.

The efficient and economical solution with high pressure water cleaning pump

High pressure water cleaning pump for tank washing and its optimum positioning in the tank is required for ideal jetting results. And minimize the cleaning time.Due to Atex certification for tank washing heads and positioning equipment. Watex 3D cleaning head is also the efficient and economical solution for tanks containing dangerous goods. And tanks in potentially hazardous atmospheres.

High pressure water jet unit is used for build up removal and many other industry cleaning applications. Basically, a nozzle attached to a lance .or a specially designed accessory directs a focused stream at the product to be removed.

For tank jetting automated high pressure water cleaning pump has significant advantages over manual water jetting as well as washing with solvents . Not only is it faster and less labor cost.it enhances employee safety in two ways. By avoiding exposure to potentially hazardous tank and eliminating the need for anyone to enter a tank.

The resulting force cuts through the product in minutes . separating it from the surface to which it was attached and rinsing the surface at the same time.

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