What is high pressure water blasting system? What is high pressure water blasting system?

What is high pressure water blasting system?

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High pressure water blasting system is a highly pressured stream of water is used to remove old paint. Chemicals or buildup without damaging the original surface.

A simple definition of ultra high pressure water blasting is the process of using water pumps to intensify water pressure to remove grime. And hard deposits from surfaces.  Hydro blasting is usually associated with petrochemical plant maintenance and ship hull industry.

High pressure water blasting equipment is ideal for cleaning internal. And external surfaces because the operator is able to send the stream of water into places that are difficult to reach with other methods. Another benefit of water blasting system is the ability to reducing waste and mitigating environmental impact.

High pressure water blasting method has a number of advantages over conventional processes used to remove coatings. Usually the coatings removed with ultra high pressure jetting were applied either by the use of chemicals . Conventional mechanical ways such as abrasive blasting , mechanical tooling, hammering, scraping or machining.

Chemical cleaning is expensive, slow, and no friendly. Grit blasting or mechanical tooling is more cost effective and faster than chemical processing. But cannot separate the coating and the substrate, which often causes removal of excessive material.

High pressure water blasting system , or water blast machine cleaning, is a common used method for the removal of coating. Contamination from the surface of a steel plate, pipe, machinery .

High pressure water blasting equipment is the use of pure water pumps to amplify pressure to be used for removing dirt, grime, coatings. And hard deposits from surfaces including industrial cleaning.

Theoretically, you could use the ultra high pressure water jetting technique anywhere .assuming there is a way to extract the clear water.

Industry application with ultra high pressure water blasting

  • Surface preparation for metal surface
  • Industrial cleaning like chemical pipe cleaning
  • Coating Removal like hard plastic epoxy paint or rubber cleaning
  • Oil and gas industry cleaning like dig pipe cleaning
  • Duct work cleaning like rust and paint removal and steel structure washing
  • Pipe cleaning like cement or rubber tube or tank cleaning
  • Advantages with high pressure water blasting system

Ultra high pressure water blast machine has the ability to be five times quick than a regular media machine

Instead of spending one month on the job site, you could only spend one week to remove the same coating .And completing surface preparation. Of course, It depends on the project and it’s important to keep in mind that every job is different . and comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Even through high pressure water blasting systsem is very powerful, but it is delicate as well. For example, hydro blasting can destroy the coating on the concrete but not damaging the original concrete. Other washing methods take a risk of cracking or deterioration of cement.

There are no any chemicals or contaminants used in ultra high pressure water blasting. This means it totally “dustless”. All the work is done by high pressure air and water. This makes it more environmentally friendly for most of industries .

Ultra high pressure (UHP) water blasting system is extremely versatile and allows us to converts pressure quickly for various applications.

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