What is high pressure water blaster ? What is high pressure water blaster ?

What is high pressure water blaster ?

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High pressure water blaster use the water under pressure between 20000-40000psi, is supplied to the nozzle and is ejected as a jet of water against the workpiece. When the water hits the contact surface, any contaminants on the surface layer is blasted away due to the high kinetic energy.

These cold ultra high pressure water blaster machine are available in diesel or electric models. All come complete with a basic accessory package to include high pressure gun,  ultra high pressure hose.

Models are capable of variable speed control to effectively vary pressure settings from 15,000 or 40,000 psi depending on the model.

All machine diagnostics can be accessed through the screen making the troubleshooting of this system a snap. Cold water blasting units are either electric or diesel driven. Mounting options are skid, trolley, or trailer.

Advantages With Ultra High Pressure Hydro Jet Blaster System

High pressure water blaster starts and stops according to the activation of an electronic gun trigger. This technology saves money by not consuming water, electricity or wearing out the pump until the operator operate the trigger.

High pressure water blaster unit is ideally suited for a vast array of applications . Ranging from mill scale build-up, paint or sludge removal from reactors, condensers, tanks, evaporators, heat exchangers, boilers, process piping, cyclones, smelt beds, clarifiers and critical operating systems.

  • Electric models emit low noise relative to diesel counterparts. Electronically maintained pump setting ,it is more safe and effective and quiet operation .
  • Annealing for stainless steel, limits wear and tear of parts to guarantee durable parts and minimize wear.
  • Complete diagnostics easily identify system errors on the screen in enhance the safety
  • Minimizes water consumption and allows for a standard hose to guarantee the energy efficient

Applications Of Ultra High Pressure Water Blaster Unit

  • Removal of coatings from airplanes and rockets for aerospace and defense
  • Removal of build up in pipes and tubes, and excess build up in cells and reactors for aluminum steel smelting
  • Removal of paint and solder from booths, machinery and grates with water blaster system
  • Cleaning chemical deposits from boilers, tanks, valves, evaporators, heat exchangers with high pressure water blaster
  • Removal of marine growth, barnacles, loose paint and rust from ship hulls, docks, and ballasts for marine industry .
  • Removal of drilling mud and cement, surface preparation for painting, testing pipes for oil and gas industry
  • Washing grease, oil, pitch dirt and wood pulp from heat exchangers, tubes, foundries.
  • Washing gypsum, potash, cement and lime in hopper cars, removal of grease from tankers.
  • Ultra high pressure water blasting machine is an environmentally and cost effective way to clean unwanted residues that builds up on various surfaces.

Using a high pressure water blasting technique to de-varnish surfaces, clean containers and refurbish concrete, the water pressure and nozzles can be adjusted to meet any cleaning needs.

Ultra high pressure(UHP) water blaster unit is an effective machine to renovate different facades, like those of historic buildings, unwanted road markings, descaling, graffiti and paint stripping without causing any damage.

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