Drilling pipe cleaning Drilling pipe cleaning

Drilling pipe cleaning

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Drilling pipe cleaning machine is one of the most integral components of drilling operation, particularly in the petrochemical and energy industry. Due to the different fluids these pipes are moving and terrible underground conditions in which they work, it is crucial that they are on a strict maintenance schedule for drill pipe cleaning so that they can be cleaned and serviced. Otherwise, these pipes can quickly deteriorate from wear and tear, and ruin products due to high contamination levels of product.

That being said, cleaning and maintaining these pipes is dangerous work for humans, so it is important that you utilize machine that can do the job safely and efficiently. For drill pipe cleaning, Watex uses ultra high pressure water jetting machine at 40,000 psi through cleaning tools automated equipment to effectively remove contamination from the internal and external of pipes and other components such as valves. Washing water and contamination are contained and can be filtered through an integrated filtration system to recycle through the pump system. Watex water cleaning systems are also available as standard units for use in drill pipe cleaning in smaller yard spaces.

Drilling pipe cleaning

Why choose Watex drilling pipe cleaning machine ?

We offer efficient way to remove internal and external contaminants for the tube or pipe .

Our products feature enclosed jetting solutions to contain waste or dangerous materials.

Fully automated systems as option to eliminate manual handling and reduce vehicle movements for drilling pipe cleaning .

When hardened mud build up in oil well drill pipes , blocked drill heads are the usual result. This reduces efficiency and increases downtime. Traditional brush systems can leave some build-up behind and require a rinse operation to flush debris and drilling fluids.

With Watex 40,000 psi (2,780 bar) high pressure water blaster machine , build-up disappears in a single pass, without a separate rinse operation. Drill pipe easily passes inspection and gets back into service sooner.

Drilling pipe cleaning

Advantages with drilling pipe cleaning machine :

  • Complete removal of plugged mud and scale
  • More productivity and effectively with less downtime
  • Systems tailored to client’s removal requirement
  • Many brush systems can be converted if needed

Drilling pipes or tubulars require regular none destructive to prove their integrity. Water jetting at 1500 bar is the preferred method for metal pipe cleaning. Corrosion, rust or cement products can be removed from the internal pipe, even if the pipe is completely blocked.

Typically the drill pipe is loaded onto rolling system that rotate the pipe while high pressure rotating nozzles are fixed and fed into the pipe on a rigid lance to achieve cleaning one by one.

It is possible to clean inside & outside simultaneously in half time with two water jet units. The pump can be driven by a diesel engine making it mobile or driven by an electric motor for low maintenance, fixed installations.

Watex Tech is one of the market leader in manufacturing and professional supplying drill pipe and oil riser cleaning machine for drilling pipe cleaning .

While, for manually cleaning pipes in different locations our diesel engine driven high pressure water jetting machine with trailer mounted units are ideal to the place without electrical power.

For permanently situated inside pipe yards we manufacture and supply semi automatic or full pipe cleaning systems.

Drilling pipe cleaning

With automatic drilling pipe cleaning equipment the customer has many options

It can clean the pipe insider firstly and then clean the outsider.

Or if they requires fast production, he can clean both the internal and external at the same time. 

Plastic lined pipes are not damaged due to the variable pressures of the system can be changed lower .

Using 40,000 psi pressure water blaster ,it can clean the pipes, tank and pins to a surface finish suitable for NDT inspection

With our 1500 bar with 110L/min pumps removing hard concrete or cement from the pipes is a very easy way .

With Watex water jetting machine there is no requirement for drilling pipe cleaning.

Normal scale is easily removed.  

Our riser cleaning equipment is the fastest on the market

Water jet pump produces up to 450 horsepower and is driven by a diesel engine.

The customer also has the option of the pump being driven by an electric motor.

For the application shown the pump is producing the following pressure and flow.

2780 bar with 40000 psi or flow rate 38L/min can remove the rust or corrosion more quick .

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