Water blaster for sale to Iceland Water blaster for sale to Iceland

Water blaster for sale to Iceland

Date:2024-1-12 Author:admin

Watex water blaster for sale in Iceland . Hydro blaster machine with 2000 bar and 35L/min export to Iceland. They purchased such machine for the surface of the concrete and old concrete cleaning .

They use this machine for the concrete removal on the surface of the aluminum building plates . With ultra high pressure water cleaning will be more quick and clear the concrete absolutley .

They use sand blasting before , but that can not deal with concrete on the surface. so they only consider the water blasting instead . Water blaster machine only only used for the surface preparation , also can be used for ship hull cleaning .

Water blaster for sale in the European countries ,mostly they use the machine for the ship hull cleaning .

Some heat evaporating companies also purchased our water blaster machine for the heat exchanger tube cleaning with the special cleaning nozzle .

There are lots of ship companies in the Iceland in the industry of fishing . So most of them need to deal with the bottom surface to remove the oyster and sea growing .

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