UHP Water Blasting Machine Used For Paint Removal For Ship Hull In UK UHP Water Blasting Machine Used For Paint Removal For Ship Hull In UK

UHP Water Blasting Machine Used For Paint Removal For Ship Hull In UK

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Watex D-stream28025 hydro blasting machine for sale in a competitive price were used in the birmingham of United Kindon for ship hull. They purchased hydroblasting machine price for paint removal with the robot panel. Combining with recycling system to collect the paint and water after cleaning is not competitive .

Their CEO told us that they purchased sand blasting machine to remove the paint before. but it not envionmental and the consumpition of the sand is high. And the budget will increase due to the cost of the sand for one ton inceased more than 100% than last year , and govement not allow them to use high pressure sand to remove paint again , that is the reason they make a decision to chose the ultra high pressure water blasting machine .

After comparing with some suppliers.they feel Watex has a high afterservice in European countries and a good feedback from client .

UHP Water Blasting Machine Used For Paint Removal For Ship Hull In UK

Watex’s United Kingdom dealer, Econo blasting Co., Ltd, purchased five sets hydroblasting machine price required for their ship cleaning.After the equipment in their side ,they make a test ,then delivery the UHP blasting system to the ship hull .

Hydroblasting machine price in the offshore oil and gas industry

Offshore platform – Lots of oil companies have lots of pipe system .after long times working. And transport the oil ,cause lots of deposit. So need the machine to handle that complicated work. Till now there is no other option , only water blasting machine can get the satisfied work .

From  exploration phase of finding appropriate palce to operations, maintenance and platform decommissioning situation : Watex water blasting machine is ready to set sail and can help you achieve the task .

As you know , reliable and oil free compressed air and compact power generators from 30 to 1900 KVA robust steam boilers. And versatile nitrogen system support every application on the platform.

Besides , all of the machines was built for heavy duty in serious conditions. And certified according to specific oil and gas industry norms and standards. That same goes for our dedicated offshore water blasting machine.

Watex offshore hydroblasting machine price is ideal for applications such as:

  • Pipeline testing and cleaning
  • Subsea well removal with hydro blasting
  • underwater demolition with water blasting
  • Marine and dredging with water blasting
  • LNG tanker cleaning with water jetting

In the marine business, most of them are big company have a high requirement for the quality. And stable equipment to face the elements. Hydro blasting machine as one the equipment to instead .

Whether your business is on shore or on board, if you need high pressure water blasting machine. Watex maybe you can consider , we believe we only making ultra high pressure water jetting machine .

Hydro blasting equipment seems same in design but differ in configuration. And size required to produce pressurized water at various pressure and water flow outputs.

Whether the water blasting equipment is a small machine. With trailer mounted truck mounted unit or part of a combination machine.

Many years of experience of hydro blasting machine for Watex

Our team of engineers have many years of expertise in high pressure water blasting system. We can provide high pressure or ultra high pressure (hydroblasting or water blasting) water jetting. This type of equipment we use will determined by assessing the level of contamination.

Hydroblasting machine price can complete the cleaning process quickly when compared to other standard manual method. Like chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning; this equipment can minimize your downtime.

Our hydroblasting equipment come complete with specialist attachments including a variety of water nozzles. Including cleaning heads. hose and other accessories . For different cleaning situation that can be used with a range of water pressure and volume. Our water blasting equipment is flexible, so it can be used in many areas for some applications

hydroblasting machine price

Hydro blasting equipment has a number of applications including:

  • Cold cleaning for some sensitive surface preparation like paint for airline decoasting
  • Descaling for some hard surface
  • Removal of coating for the marine and ship hull
  • Preparing surface before repainting
  • To ensure the high cleaning quality. Vacuum system can be used to collect the material ready to be sent off for treatment.
  • Tank and vessel cleaning with water blasting machine

Contaminates and deposit can be easily build up on the interior surface of a tank and on the agitator. Blade which affects the efficiency of the tank. And decrease the volume of the vessel then minimize the efficiency of the vessel and it’s related accessories . In order to guarantee that your tank is maintained to the highest of standards. Will prevent a costly increase in a quick speed .

As you know ,tanks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So it is important to tailor the cleaning operation according to the diameter of the tank. And geometry of the tank . Watex team will supply the cleaning solution with hydroblasting machine price complete tank to establish the most suitable equipment to complete the tank cleaning procedure.

Our tank engineers are fully trained to operate our water blasting equipment. And they are qualified to operate within a confined place. While if efficient cleaning cannot be achieved from the outside of the tank. Watex will collection all of the information then change the cleaning process until the cleaning situation meet client requirement .

Safety is vital and should be consider before water blasting

So when manned entry is opened the cleaning persons should equipped with breathing apparatus. and are trained to follow strict safety procedures.

There are some things we need to consider regarding to hydroblasting machine price. Water blasting at the best of times creates slippery. Wet conditions that can make it difficult for operators to control and open the equipment. A simple loss of balance or footing can result in accidents with equipment operating at extreme pressures with up to 800 bar.

A passing swipe of a high pressure water jetting stream across any part of an operator’s body can cause serious injury. High pressure injection Injuries very common in the industry, so the operator should consider the protective suit to maximize the safety of the machine .

Watex suggest all of the operator put on famous protective suit to bring both range of comfortable and practical high pressure safety clothing.

We also recommend putting protective protocols in place before the risks become a reality happen. And water blaster operator should consider above situation before starting any work:

Before adopting hydroblasting machine price ,why you should consider water blasting PPE .

Why use hydro Jetting PPE? Maybe some person thing the price of hydroblasting machine is too high . There is a misunderstanding that when working at low pressures operators are in the safe situation . Do you know that the eyes are already at risk at a pressure of only 7 bar and skin penetration can occur at pressures just 80 bar .

Operator also should be aware that severe infections is always happen. If the operator do not take care and the rate of amputation is significantly higher for people injured by high pressure water jets, than for people with similar sized injuries in other industries.

High pressure water blasting can be an integral part of your business, and performing basic maintenance is critical in order to prolong the lifespan and performance of your machine, as well as to help prevent repairs and down time.

How can we prevent hydro blasting accidents ?

Firstly ,we should know the risks involved; know that your staff are properly trained to carry out high pressure blasting working ; Make sure operator on the working place know the safety plan is .

Secondly ,inspecting hydroblasting machine price before using the equipment, like check the hose hose, any leaking couplings or malfunctioning safety problems may happen should be fixed or replaced before work begins.

Wearing the appropriate safety suit for the task. Ensure that this clothing is certified and approved for the work you intend to use it for.

While if the operator gets hurt, what shall we do ?

If the skin is penetrated, seeking immediate medical attention . Hydroblasting machine price injuries should be considered surgical emergencies An index of suspicion of associated internal injuries and aggressive surgical intervention are required. The risk of infection is extremely high as often a large amount of contaminated water is forced at pressure into the body.

Make sure that all staff have a medical card on hand, explaining the nature of potential injuries and the prescribed treatment methods. Many operator are unfamiliar with the risks involved with water jetting injuries, providing the operator with the relevant information they need allow them to react appropriately and treat wounds effectively.

Whether hydroblasting machine price is used once a month or four times a day .These routine maintenance should be conducted on a regular basis. And it is more better have person know some knowledge about the pump and the safety situation regarding to the pump and cleaning head we should repeat it again . Sometimes, we think no need experienced handle it ,but we think it is necessary . During the machine working or the place that the water jetting machine working.

For each hydroblasting machine price have five primary components that require preventative maintenance. Every hydroblasting machine consists of a high pressure water pump, power system by electrical motor or diesel engine, a hose reel with hose, a pressure relief valve and a water pressure control valve. When operator and some related person understand the theory and function of all components, then routine maintenance is achievable are necessary to guarantee the machine in a safe situation and keep the high quality of the water is also necessary for the water blasting machine .

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