Airport runway rubber removal vehicles Airport runway rubber removal vehicles

Airport runway rubber removal vehicles

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Airport runway rubber removal vehicles is the use of high pressure water to remove the rubber that is left by aircraft tires. As the rubber one the surface of the airport can make the runway slick when wet and cause aircraft to have trouble landing. So removing the rubber is necessary and improves the friction so that planes can land safely. Airfield rubber removal equipment is essential to airfield maintenance . And we are proud to provide excellent machines for any size runway.

As you know, aircraft always lands in the same area of the runway, known as the touchdown zone. This is standard practice with guidelines and marking for this are specified in international standards for airports.

This means that runways in any location subject to harsh or temperate climates require rubber removal for a safe runway.

Using our high pressure water blasters is a quick and efficient way to safely remove this build up and reveal the original runway characteristics underneath. with minimal disruption to flight schedules.

Till now ,after many years testing. The best method of rubber removal is high pressure water blasting. Using water blasting machine mounted on the vehicle operator just by one or two person is effectively removed revealing the original runway underneath.

Cleaning the runway surface at an airport is essential for safety

You probably know that airplanes lands with litter time. When the tires touch down. They skid on the surface and leave rubber deposits that need to be cleaned to prevent aircraft from losing traction. which is special issue for aircraft taking off or landing in rain or strong winds situation.

In order to get a better landing situation for the airport. The tarmac used to pave runways is much coarser than asphalt or concrete used on roads. Which makes cleaning tire marks more difficult. One aircraft landing on a new layer of tarmac leaves behind about 20-23 pounds of rubber. according to the operator of Shanghai airport .

Airport runway rubber removal vehicles,also know as runway rubber removal. It is the use of high pressure water to remove the rubber from tires that builds up on airport runways. In China, there is specifies friction levels for safe operation of planes and measures friction for the evaluation of appropriate friction levels. Some small airports get rubber removal into their maintenance schedules based on the number of take offs and landing.

Every time an airplane lands, it’s rubber deposits collected a pound by a pound and a half of. When the rubber accumulates, it doesn’t just make black marks on the surface. It begins to reduce the friction needed for safe aircraft landings.

High pressure water is widely use for airport runway rubber removal vehicles

High pressure water works on the principle of applying a high pressure pump with the many cleaning heads assembled on the cleaning panel to blast the hardened rubber free from the runway surface.

The main two factors are the pressure and flow rate. High pressure removal uses water at 10000–20000 psi at up to 85L/min. While ultra high pressure water removal uses up to 40,000 psi with a water 30- 45L/min. High pressure operations rely on the impact of water alone, with no other chemicals used. High pressure water operations are known for destroying the integrity of rubber on the runway and remove other deposits on the runway as well to supply the maintenance .

Cleaning away the rubber is no easy task . One aircraft landing on a fresh layer of tarmac leaves behind around 10 kg of rubber. As the runway is used more frequently, this amount decreases to around 5kg per landing. By removing it from the tarmac using water blasting machine.

Take a look at water blasting machines and products specifically designed and developed for improving and maintaining macro and micro textures for skid resistance, traction, roads and runways.

Whole ,there are also other mechanical methods of removing the rubber and paint such as grinding and shot blasting for airfield rubber removal. Neither of these methods are capable of removing rubber and paint from the texture of the surface without damaging the surface.

Know more about runway surface texturing before airport runway rubber removal vehicles work

Airport runway removal equipment can benefit from hydro jetting . This process improves the skid resistance of existing surfaces by enhancing or developing macro-texture, and micro-texture to promote smoother landings.

Landing safety for the airport is important to airport operators and carriers. The accumulation of rubber on runway during landings creates an unsafe landing environment.  UHP water blasting can quickly removes runway rubber build-up without using any chemicals or causing damage to the runway. The work will be completed in a quick time about one hour totally .

The use of  high pressure waterjet is the preferred method of removing rubber build up and paint markings from airfield runways. UHP water jetting machine operating at 25,000 psi . It has the ability to not only remove rubber and paint from the surface. but the water jetting machine will also reach down into the texture of the surface to remove any visible trace of the rubber or paint.  When water is pressurized to 37,000 psi . And forced through and very small nozzle, the water is traveling at high velocity.  .

Chemicals also been used to assist in rubber removal. Due to the environmentally safe, it is not acceptable and will damage the environment

Airport runway rubber removal vehiclese by water jetting is effective on numerous runway surfaces including concrete. porous friction asphalt, and plain asphalt.  Watex’s many years experience ensures the equipment is used properly so that the surface will retain the integrity.

Airfield runway build up with rubber debris over time impacting the safety of airport workers, passengers and flight staff. Airport Rubber built up occurs because airport wheels need a quick touch the surface of the earth . And it slow the flying speed during a section of landing in order to stop. This type of accumulation, from not only rubber but hydraulic oil reduces the enough friction for safe take-off and landing.

Watex airport cleaning trucks are self-contained units that blast the surface while continuously collecting the debris and wastewater as the work progresses.

Watex water blaster has cleaned around gate areas to remove fuel and other stains. High pressure water along with the pressure is very effective in cleaning these areas restoring the concrete like to a new appearance.

Advantages with airfield runway rubber removal vehicles with hydro jetting machine

  • The cleaning head has accurate performance, removing runway rubber, minimizing environmental impact and driver fatigue.
  • Minimal labor input required
  • Operates in all conditions (-6°C to +50°C)
  • Multiple purpose for deep and rapid clean
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning with no chemicals
  • Reduced driver fatigue
  • Cleaning quickly with minimal downtime
  • The hydraulic controlled cleaning panel can increase the cleaning speed
  • Minimal runway down-time
  • Fast operation time is capable of 4200m2/hr
  • Reduced turnaround times, thanks to the big tank capacities
  • Deeper cleaning with not second cleaning again
  • Two operator as the maximum or one single driver is workable for the truck
  • No damage to runways
  • Minimal maintenance with low consumable parts
  • All of the important parts made in stainless steel
  • Airfield runway rubber removal machine

Maybe you think airfield runway rubber can be get blown away by wind. While this would be the ideal method, but that is not possible. Airport runway rubber removal vehicles by hydro blasting presents a safety risk because the debris melts one the existing runaway. So it is necessary changing the texture and surface on the runway.

Runway rubber in any location subject to temperate climates require rubber removal for a safe runway. It is right there are many methods that are used to remove rubber. There are some processes that are more effective and efficient than others.

Water blasting is the fast and affordable results

To guarantee the safety of airport workers, flight staff and passengers. So airport runway rubber removal should be achieved as soon as possible .And do it regularly to protect the runway without rubber to maximize the safety of the airline.

The wastewater will collected on the tank on the truck, no need take more time to deal with the debris and waste water. Continuous vacuuming system ensures an environmentally process during the water blasting

There are hug aircraft movements per year at the world’s busiest airports, runways are subject to heavy demands. The condition of those runways has a direct impact on the safety of passengers and workers. So airport operators should be diligent to ensure their surfaces are properly maintained.

Airport runway rubber removal by vehicles is a essential element of an operator’s responsibility. Every time an aircraft lands, it leaves around lots of rubber on the runway.

Every airport is required to remove rubber from its runway. And the airline authority usually show their requirements for the frequency and quality of removal in the website or in document. For operators, choosing the right equipment help them to meet these requirements. Confirm the safety of their users, while safeguarding the efficiency of their operations.

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