40000psi pressure washer 40000psi pressure washer

40000psi pressure washer

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40000psi pressure washer is equipment with applications such as paint stripping in shipyards. Offshore oil rigs. weld inspection and numerous plant maintenance functions like old paint removal then repainting with 40000psi hydro jetting machine.

Water jetting unit and water blasting equipment is used for cleaning or demolition of products made of metal. Wood, concrete, stone, plastic, glass or other materials .

Ultra high pressure washer runs up to 40000psi and is the most effective and environmentally method. Of removing all old paint systems and contaminates. It uses just water no abrasive materials or chemicals making it safer and more cost effective. It can be used on external or internal areas cleaning leaving the steel surface clean and ready for fresh coatings.

What is a high pressure washer 40000psi ?

High pressure water blaster in the construction Industry are popular and widely for hydro demolition. High pressure water jet blaster machine use the UHP pump spraying pressurized water onto a surface to remove surface material and contaminants.

Water jet pump is the heart of the pressure washer . With many models to choose from three plunger to five plunger – Watex can drive pressures from 1000 psi to 40000psi. Water jetting can be electrically or diesel powered and mounted on skids or trailers to go where you need them.

40000psi pressure washer reducing labor cost

Why need a pressure washer that produces so much pressure in 40000psi. As you know , there are many requests for paint and corrosion removal that would require this pressure washer. The biggest benefit for our customers is that required to complete a big task like old paint or rust removal.  With hydro blaster, our production rate doubles typically reducing labor rates in half.

Old painting or overcoating has its own machines which makes us more competitive and reliable for 40000psi hydro blaster . Our ultra high pressure water jetting machines and UHP equipment is easily transportable. We can put the whole of the machine on the trailer .

40000psi pressure washer againest material completly

Taking care of large scale projects like ship hull cleaning or road marking removal. And airport runways rubber removal due to the dustless blast application. However, we also have the versatility valve to dial the pressure down to clean numerous surface areas. 40000psi pressure washer can drop to15000PSI .filter the paint particles and mixing material for disposal . and reuses the water for additional removal.

Water blasting machine using high pressure washer is used to direct high pressure  water streams against material to clean completely . The streams of water released by hydro jetting and pressure washer equipment is normally 10000 PSI to 40000 PSI. In an efficient high pressure water jetting system, pressure is vital consideration. Normally, hardened deposits respond better with high pressure water blaster and softer materials are best removed with lower flow rate .

40000psi water jet accessories and application

Specific components within a water jetting  system include ultra high pressure pump unit  high pressure cleaning gun with rotative cleaning head. Pressure generators increase the pressure of the carrier fluid to get more flow rate to cleaning the surface with high ability.

40000psi pressure washer is commonly used to generate high pressure water for cutting concrete . Or other metal with small nozzle . Combining with rotative cleaning head can remove very hard paint or concrete .

By utilizing an innovative 40000psi pressure washer with pressure ranging from 15000 to 40,000psi for hydro jetting machine . With variable flow rates, Watex has become a leader in the cleaning industry by utilizing automatic water blasting equipment  to remove unwanted deposits from process equipment such as vessels, tanks and piping. Following proven industry practices like pipe and tune cleaning . Watex has developed an efficient, cost effective procedure to meet any cleaning requirement without any environmental infection .

Ultra high pressure washer 40000psi for epoxy paint removal

UHP water blaster machine can remove extreme corrosion, very hard epoxy paint, paint coatings, concrete jetting at high pressures . And it’s the preferred method of surface preparation on offshore gas platforms and petrochemical plants. Our high pressure cleaner utilizes water pressure up to 40000psi hydro jetting machine washer to transfer energy to a work surface.

All our ultra high pressure blasting machine is a much cleaner process than sand blasting using just freshwater. And leaves less waste to be disposed of keeping disposal costs lower and a lower risk of contaminating the area. It is the best and safer option for using in highly flammable industries such as fuel tanks, oil refineries and gas storage sites. It is often the preferred choice in other industries such as marine, tank cleaning, petrochemical industry .

40000psi hydro blaster

40k psi hydro blaster can be used for many surface preparation projects like rust and paint cleaning . 40000 hydro blasting will effectively and quickly remove hard coatings, paints and deposits from all surfaces with water only .

Hydro blasting machine 40000psi can be used for many surface preparation projects. UHP will effectively and quickly remove tightly adherent coatings, paints and deposits from all surfaces without using any abrasive.

In many cases, cleaning speed is comparable to that of abrasive blasting. Combining with rotative cleaning ,the cleaning quality is more better than sand blasting.

Situations cleaning requirement need UHP 40000psi hydro blaster are coating removal applications such as paint stripping in shipyards. offshore oil rigs, weld inspection and equipment maintenance.

40000psi pressure washer does not produce a profile, rather it cleans out an existing underlying previously blasted profile. UHP water jetting machine can produce a ‘white metal’ finish economically without the environmental and health hazards normally associated with traditional blasting methods.

40000psi water blaster widely use for paint and rust removal

The heart of any 40k psi hydro blaster system is the water jet pump. With a range of models to choose from – both triplex and five plunger designs . Water jetting pump can be electrically or diesel powered and mounted on trailers to go where you need them.

Hydro blaster pump units operate at pressure up to 40000PSI (we always called 2800 bar hydro jetting machine) at flow rate of 38L/min -45L/min.Making them ideal for surface preparation in the Marine and Offshore Industries.

Hydro Blasting is the technology by using water as a tool with pure water to remove various coatings. rust and corrosion.

Water Jetting has high pressure cleaning resources for applications ranging from cleaning flat surfaces to the inside of pipes, tubes, container and tanks.

40k water blasting machine is being widely used by ship owners. ship repairers and dry docking yards for the effective cleaning of the contaminated surfaces at various cleaning standards.

Advantages of 40000psi hydro blaster

  • Removal of paint coatings easy
  • Friendly operation and effective solution against abrasive jetting.
  • Dust free operation with 40000psi pressure washer
  • Spark free operation.
  • Will not affected by the weather
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